OW!... Sonofa... Mother... OW! I think I need some medical attention.

Yeah… ouch!

I have something on my toungue… It’s a bump. I don’t know if it’s an inflamed tastebud or coldsore or herpes or whatever… but it hurts… it hurts like a bitch. So, my buddies, Ost and K-man suggest that I take a pair of fingernail clippers and snip the little bastard right off.

"OW! Sonofabitch!!"

If you happened to be walking beside the bathroom in my office about 10 minutes ago, this is what you would’ve heard. Now that I’m bleeding, I’m thinking my little attempt at surgery was not the best idea.

Anybody have any idea what this thing was/is? And why it hurts? And why it won’t stop bleeding?

I’m not a doctor, but I’ve had inflamed tastebuds before, and that’s what it sounds like. very painful, and I’ve snipped them off with nail clippers before, and it took forever to stop bleeding. I didn’t die, though. After an hour or so it felt a lot better, actually.

I usually just bite them off when I get them. Then again, I’m a sick bastard who kinda enjoys pain.

I just want to say that this thread is seriously creeping me out.

I’ve had what I call “tongue zits” before and just let them go away on their own.



Are you people f-ing high? Gah!

Did you keep the offending article that we might all pass it around and examine it? You didnt swallow it now did you?

These are not men I’d call “buddies”, per se.

“People who want to laugh at my pain” would be a much better term.

And I’m offended! You went to REAL LIVE people first instead of coming to the Board for advice!? Good heavens, man, do you want your membership revoked? I mean, there’s penalties for having a life, ya know.

Lost somewhere in the sewer by now… along with 12 pints of my blood. I thought I only had 8… I was wrong. I wish you guys knew my aversion to seeing my own blood… <shudder>.

BunnyGirl… You’re right… I wasn’t thinking. Can you ever forgive me? :wink:

I like the term toungue zits pcubed… that’s an appropriate name. And according to a poll here in the office, everyone (read: 5) who’s ever had a “toungue zit” has clipped it off. ((And two of us aren’t high right this second. :wink: ))

I’ve never clipped my off and I have never heard of anyone doing that.

Until now. EEEEeeewwwwwww
In the future if you have one and it really hurts try ICE.

Of coruse that may help you now as well.
But I think you should gargle with Listerene.

Simetra, you dumbass. If you had left it alone, it would have gone away. Plus, now you’ll have me pressing my tongue against the roof of my mouth all day, cringing in your pain.
Plus, I actually said ‘eek’. There are people in this office who will take advantage of such a thing.

I have one right now. Somebody either come clip it off or bite it for me. I keep biting it, but then the pain becomes unbearable and I let loose of my teethgrip. Make it go away.

Um, fingernail clippers??? Did you disinfect those things first? Some pretty nasty things live under fingernails, even when the hands are kept clean. I agree with Zebra. Get some Listerine. It’ll sting, but it’s better than gangrene.

Next time, use garden shears. :smiley:

AAMOF, I did.

Oh, and Ginger… I’m sorry. But you actually made me feel better at the thought of someone saying “Eek!” and by making me laugh at being called a dumbass… which I am. :slight_smile:

Paging Serendipity . . . call for you on line 4, extension 83940.

Right now I have some muscle attached to my tongue strained or sprained . . . it’s way tight and it hurts to move my tongue.

Hurts, period.

Ack, wrong extension. Serendipity, you want 83490.

If it was a hypertrophied lingular papillae, I’d be glad to excise it with a little antiseptic, & sterile cutting instrument. I’d skip the local anesthetic, as it would hurt more than the excision. Then I could charge about $120 for doing it. Or you could leave it alone, and it’ll get better.

Qadgop, MD

Oh iampunha
You have some 'splaing to dooooo…

I know you see something funny in that, but . . . maybe it’s the sleep deprivation. I ain’t. What looked odd?:slight_smile:

How on earth did you sprain your tounge?

Did the receiving person enjoy it?

Wow! That sounds a lot more serious then “tongue zit”.

I am really going to have to remember that.

I get them from time to time too. Never cut one out though. They hurt too much! In a couple of days it is always better on it’s own.

See, Simetra, listen to Ginger, she knows what she’s talking about. Qagdop, MD, has confirmed it.

For the record, a co-worker keeps poking her head into my office and saying ‘eek’ to me. Numpty.