Documented asshole behavior.

I’m interested in finding documented asshole behavior of famous people.
We see these people on TV with their smiles and “on” personas, but what are they like in real life?
Are there any sites that give this stuff up?
The only one I know of so far is
which is about restaurant shenanegans.

TV people like Matt Lauer, Bill O’Reilly, Martha Stewart, and even Jimmy Kimmel (Kimbel?) on The Man Show are all likable on screen (except for maybe O’Reilly), but there is just something there that says, “If you meet this person in real life they will be a total asshole.”

I’d suggest

It has celebrity arrest reports, contracts for the (sometimes amazingly ridiculous) things they demand for their back stage dressing rooms, divorce papers, court documents, mug shots . . . in short, all of the “good” stuff. You might want to check out their archive.

This isn’t related, but it sure is funny. :slight_smile: