So when did you last bed celebrity?

I am curious-

I have met celebrity in a few ways, all minor (busboy to Woody Harrelson, picked up Henry Rollins at the airport, had a touching scene where one of ZZ Top (dunno any of their names) taught kiddo how to pee [uh, hotel bathroom]), and my cuz has met half of everyone in People.

In light of such, why have I not met anyone (or their brother/sister) who has been in a romantic entanglement with such? The few people I have encountered who claim to have had relations are rather seedy, and I doubt the claim.

People are people so- where’s the personal evidence of fornication? Where are all of the ‘groupies’?

One of my relationships, we had a deal that two or three celebrities were were ‘allowed,’ so I am guessing that a few intelligent relations exist, albeit unmentionably- are they just wary of TMZ, or was it really ___________? (so good, so bad, got paid enough, media doesn’t care?)

So, if it can be posted here, who’ve you fucked? Meetings and nearly are of course allowed, but lets try to avoid the ‘I almost touched his hand’ kinda things…


Maybe you could rewrite this so it’s readable.

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I would guess that most celebrities don’t go around bedding everyone they run into, so there probably aren’t very many “celebrity bedders” to meet. And most of those that do have romantic or sexual encounters probably do it with people who are not going to be telling you and your acquaintances about it.

Back when I was a college radio celebrity with all the power that a microphone and 10 watts gives you, I was fixed up on a blind date with someone who is now the First Lady of her State. Does that sort of thing count?

Depending on what you count as “celebrity”, I have a listing on the IMDB and have had sexual relations with two other people listed on the IMDB (though, obviously, none of us are “household names”).

I once fucked a girl whose best girlfriend fucked one of the members of R.E.M. I can’t remember whom, but I’m guessing it wasn’t Michael Stipe. Does that count?

You do realize that 99% of the time, “The List” is a joke. Basically, permission given for something that’s not ever going to happen anyway. I seriously doubt that most of the otherwise-monogamous couples who do The List actually are giving permission.

Hm. New game: Six Degrees of Paris Hilton?

I once did the nasty with a girl who’s second cousin’s sorority sister’s best friend’s ex-brother-in-law once fucked Cher. It’s almost like ***I ***fucked her.

I wasn’t that impressed.

First guess: North America.

Ya know, It ruins the game when your first guess is only one step away…

So true. I guess step two should cover the discovered part of the rest of the planet. Maybe there are some undiscovered tribes that are out of the loop…

I slept with a woman who had a few hit singles in the 80’s. It was a one-night stand. I can’t bring myself to post her name in public, though.

I’d be embarassed if I had sex with Toni Basil too. It’s alright man, I’m sure hearing her scream out “Oh Mickey!” while doing acrobatic cheerleader moves was a night to remember.


Hands down the best celebrity sex story I’ve heard is about Derek Jeter. It’s excellently told in full at the SonsOfSamHorn message board (A Red Sox board) so, who knows if its true. It does seem true though, and even if not, its a great story. I don’t know if we’re allowed to link to other boards’ posts, but if anyone is interested, do a google search for “What are your hopes? What are your dreams?” + Jeter

Back when I was a teenager in NYC, I climbed into a limo with Madonna, Debi Masur (her less-famous pal) and a then-unknown Nicole Kidman. They had their way with me and kicked me to the curb, naked (They kept my clothes as a souvenir).

Then I woke up.

Do animals count?

Only if it’s Lassie.


Or if the animal appeared in porn.