So when did you last bed celebrity?

Already done by Six Degrees of Paris Hilton: The Global Reach of One Vagina |

Example: Paris Hilton to Robert Evans to Grace Kelly to JFK to Inga Arvad to Adlof Hitler

I already answered this, in another thread. And there were a couple more, but that’s none of your business.

I touched an almost-naked Esera Tuaolo once. Does that count?

I knew a girl in college whose mother had apparently been a groupie in the LA area in the '70s, and who had (allegedly) slept with Mick Jagger, Robert DeNiro, and other lesser celebrities.

Somehow I knew I couldn’t have been the first one to think of that…

While on vacation in Utah, I had an 3-day encounter with a woman named Marika. She claimed to be a clothing designer traveling the Southwest in search of inspiration. Since then, I’ve seen Marika Women’s Activewear become a popular line of clothing.

Coincidence? Probably…but I can still dream.

I sometimes sleep in the bed of a person listed in IMDb (and once reasonably famous in Japan).

But that’s because he’s dead now and I sleep in his bed when visiting my mother-in-law. I don’t know when she last bedded him and I am certainly not going to ask.

Couldn’t be. He said “a few” hit singles.

I’m thinking Juice Newton.

When visiting my in-laws, I’ve often slept in the same bed as former Vermont governor, DNC chair and celebrated screamer Howard Dean.

Just not at the same time, mind you.

No, not her, but that would be cool iirc. Maybe I should just admit it. She was a major cokehead, or was that day.

I had a chance to be Susan Sontag’s boy toy for an evening, but I passed it up.

I dated a girl who was the ex of an NBA player. I know what you’re thinking, tough act to follow but he was only second team All NBA and I drove a Plymouth with a genuine vinyl roof. It was fun to answer the phone when he would do his booty calls though. I would tell him he needed to protect the ball better or some other bs then hang up.

Never, unfortunately. The closest contender would be an Argentinian women’s tennis player who was briefly in the top 10 worldwide rankings in the early 90’s. You wouldn’t know her name though.

I’m thinking Teena Marie or the girl from Quarterflash. The most famous one that came to mind but more famous that your “few hit singles in the 80s” would really indicate was Pat Benatar.

Oh- and bedding Juice Newton would be seriously cool (I haven’t seen a recent pic of her, but I bet it still would be.)

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Hmmm. Oh yeah.

Well, I didn’t have sex with him, but…

Years ago, Mr. Rilch and I went to a convention where Ron Jeremy was going to be. I dressed “appropriately” – cheerleader-length skirt and vacu-form sweater. After getting RJ’s signature, Mr. Rilch asked if he could get a photo of the two of us. RJ leered, said “Suuuure!” or something to that effect, and grabbed me ferociously. (One of these days I’ll scan the photo.) So it certainly wasn’t “slept with,” but as I always say when Mr. Rilch tells the story, “That’s the reaction you want to get from Ron Jeremy.” ETA: I mean, it would have been inappropriate from, say, Trace Beaulieu, who we also met at that convention, but anything other than that from Ron Jeremy would have been an insult.

If we get to count sleeping in the same bed as, I have been in at least three B&B’s where the proprietor boasted that so-and-so had slept in the very bed that my wife and I were going to be using. The three I can vividly recall were in Asheville, Natchez and Concord, MA. The notables were Charlton Heston, Eudora Welty and one of the poet/authors in Concord who used to room in the room we used.

In each case, after learning of the previous occupant of that bed, I had odd, non-sexual dreams about that person.

If we only knew who had slept in a public bed we were using (hotel, motel, B&B, national park cabin or lodge, etc.) I bet we could have a bodacious Six Degrees game. But those three notables are all I can contribute with any certainty.

Now if you expand the notion to include places at the table in famous places to eat, the number would skyrocket. One restaurant in Charleston, SC, even has little brass plates on the tables for “so and so sat here.” Every table. Every place.

So, did he autograph your breast? Pull it out and kiss it?

I didn’t sleep with him (cause I’m a straight guy and all and, ewwww), but I once had the opportunity to “hang out” with him at a club (a female friend of mine has connections). He spent the whole time autographing and such, and that was the pattern above.

I watched Flower Tucci get off and squirt once, live and in person. (Porn star known for female ejaculation.) (adult content - I just noticed the poster in the background of the photo has a nipple showing).

I last bedded Celebrity shortly before the birth of our child, Celebrity Babyname.

I have never slept with a celebrity. I keep hoping one of my former squeezes will become a huge success and I’ll be able to say, truthfully, “Oh yeah, I already hit that.”

So far neither of them has amounted to much, however. :D;):smack:

I once did Ralph Nader. Youre welcome.