Dodging a bullet; or, I just said WHAT to a customer?

So I’m talking with this woman, the spouse of the primary credit card holder, and she wants to do a limit increase. Great, fine, no problem. I’m going through the e-form we need to fill out for the increase request, one of the questions being the primary’s gross income. She tells me $250,000. Then I’m taking her information and ask for the name of her employer. She says she doesn’t work. To which I reply:

“If I could hook me a man who makes 250 grand a year I wouldn’t work either.”

It took me a second to realize just exactly how appalling that sounded. To make things worse, her husband works for our largest and most important client and, at that salary, is obviously high up. He could have me fired with an email. I said, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” Lucky for me, she burst out laughing and said “no offense taken.”

Where’s that internal censor when you need it?


Glad she had a sense of humor, anyway!

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, but your husband is going to need to come in and sign this.

Customer: I’m a man!

Wow. I’m really glad you got away with that. It was funny. :slight_smile: