Does a search engine like this exist? (eliminate entries you don't want)

I do a regular search on a particular search term to see what new pages have cropped up on that topic. Now, here’s what I’d like to be able to do: Conduct the search, then check off the pages I no longer want to see in subsequent searches (either because I’ve already visited them and gotten my fill or because they’re off target and I don’t want to have to wade through them to find relevant ones). Then, the next time I conduct that search, those pages I checked won’t come up again, so I’ll only be looking at the new ones.

Does such a thing exist? Or do I have to go and build it?

I do know about things like the Google News service, and I do subscribe to that, but it only searches news feeds–not other types of pages (blogs, etc.).

in google you could add to eliminate a particular domain from the search results. It’s cumbersome, but it’s almost exactly what you’re looking for.

I’m sure you already know this (and it’s not exactly what you’re asking for anyway), but you can put subtractive terms into Google; searching for a half decent hotel in the capital city of France, for example, I might enter Paris Hilton. but in order to strip away a few annoyingly irrelevant entries, I might refine it to Paris Hilton -"Sex Tape"; if, for some reason, the search results were dominated by irrelevant entries from a particular source, I could further refine it to Paris Hilton -“Sex Tape” and so on…

Of course you can’t save these preferences, so as I say, this isn’t a solution to your particular question, just seemed like a good place to mention it, is all.

Well you can save the search – just bookmark the results page. The search terms are passed with the URL, so selecting the bookmark should redo the search.

Toadspittle, what you want is a Google News Alert. When Google’s crawl brings up a new result for your query you will get an e-mail containing the links with snippets. Additionally, Google is beta testing the ability to explicitly remove results. It’s been activated for my account - to the right of “Similar pages” I see a link that says “Remove result” next to every entry. Try creating a google account to see if it works for you when you log in.

News Alert only alerts you to “News” items–not other new content.

Ah! This sounds more like it. Let me check it out.

Go here and subscribe to an alert. Google will let you know about the information just as soon as it finds it during its web crawl. It includes web sites. I’ve been using this for at least half a year.