Can I avoid blogs showing up in Google Searches?

Subject says it all.

If you know certain terms will occur on the types of pages you want to exclude, you can use “-something”.

I could have sworn Google gave me the option of excluding blogs, but I haven’t seen that option in a long time.

It does in Google News. I’m asking the main search.

Short of -blog or something like that, I’m not sure how that is possible. FWIW, blog software is used for a lot of “normal” websites these days. My company’s website is done entirely in Wordpress and, while there is a blog portion, the vast majority of the site is not in blog format. Even forums and the like can be managed by Wordpress plugins.

How would this be possible? It’s not possible to say for certain whether any given page is a “blog”. Probably the best you could do is to manually exclude results from certain domains known to contain mostly blog content (e.g.,

I have made use of after somebody here suggested it when I was looking for a kook filter.

There’s nothing inherent to a blog that makes it less reliable than any other website. Good information comes from blogs on occasion, and bad information comes from regular websites.

If your worry is trustworthiness, maybe use Google Scholar or limit your searches to .edu and .gov websites?

Not a matter of reliability. My company filters out any sports related sites, gambling related sites, social networking and personal blogs.

It is annoying when you google something only to discover that it falls in one of the forbidden access sites.

Are there any google filters for metatags?

Not all blogs are garbage, but enough are that in some cases I would prefer to avoid them.