Is there a way to (persistently)blacklist whole domains in a Google Search

I’m sick and tired of fake search results from - every time I try to Google anything technical, the first or second result (and usually at least a few of the others) appears to be a close match to my search, but is merely scripted to appear that way - on following the link, it’s always just a holding page with a load of ad links and no actual content.

Is there any way to omit a whole domain, persistently, in my Google searches?

add “” without the quote marks.

I think he wants to automatically do that forever for all searches. There isn’t anything in Google’s settings to do so, but it probably wouldn’t be hard to write an add-in to firefox that lets you automatically append strings like that to google searches. There is probably already an add-in to do that, I bet.

edit: Ha, I was right: This looks like it does what you want. I may add this as well.

Awesome, even better.

Cool. Thanks.

Sweet! I’ve been wanting to do the same thing with for a long time. That website’s sole purpose seems to be to screw up search results. Thanks.

This is the first time I hear about It has never ever appeared on my Google searches. Maybe you are infected with spyware?

Can you give an example search where it appears in the results?

Don’t think so - I get the same thing on several different PCs, at home, work and elsewhere.

I googled for freeware thunderbird migration - the second result is from

I got the same results on my Mac.
I suspect I just hadn’t paid attention to “” in the past. This is the first time I noticed it.
But the firefox addon is getting added on this morning!

Excellent - cheers :smiley:

I’ve only noticed it in the last couple of months or so - I think it might be a fairly new site, or else it’s only recently managed to attain the critical mass to warp Google search results.

I installed SurfClarity, and it’s pretty good, however, there is a potential issue - it removes the results after they have been retrieved - so the banner says “results 1 to 10 of 82,000”, but maybe only five of those ten results made it through the filter.

So it removes the unwanted hits, but it doesn’t shuffle the desired ones up to replace them - in fact you could end up with page 1 of the results being entirely empty, with a valid result appearing only on page 2.