does a spouse count as a job qualification?

I am an American married to a Chinese woman I met while visiting China a few years ago, and I am now thinking of applying for a job at an NGO in China. My question is this: in addition to listing my usual qualifications and experience, should I mention somewhere that my wife is Chinese? It seems to me that having a spouse from the target country shows commitment to the issues and culture of that country, and a higher likelihood of adjusting well to the move. On one hand it seems a bit odd to list a qualification that is not an ‘achievement’ in the usual sense, but on the other, it might be the extra hook I might need to get an interview. And if you think it is a good idea, how would you phrase it? I am thinking it would go better in the cover letter than in the CV itself.

What do people think?

Its definitely something you could bring to bear in interview - since they will almost certainly ask you why you applied for the job:

“Well, after marrying my wife, i started to build up an interest in Chinese culture. bleah bleah bleah”

In terms of the application itself? I’d be tempted to put it more in the cover letter than your actual CV.

I think you’re quite right to put it on - it seems to me that that would be a great help in understanding and fitting in to Chinese culture. I think the covering letter is a good place for it - perhaps something like “I have long been interested in China and Chinese culture and have made many visits there. It was in the course of one of these visits that I met my wife, and I feel that my relationship with her has helped deepen my understanding and interest.”

I’m only just starting my own career, though, so I’m not too qualified to give advice.

It worked for someone married to a president, and I think that in China they are much more family orinetated.

I don’t know if would have any bearing on your situation, but mentioning (during the interview) that I was married to a Japanese woman had a positive effect in my case, as it indicated that I had “settled” here somewhat, intended to stay for the long term, and wouldn’t just pack up and go home without warning. It also gave an impression that I had ajusted more to the “Japanese Way”[sup]TM[/sup] than someone living the life of a wild and crazy guy on his own.

Assumptions can be wrong, of course, but if they’re in my favor when applying for a job I’m not going to complain.