Does Acai taste like chocolate?

I’ve heard a lot of people describe Acai as having notes of chocolate in its flavor. I think to myself, “looks like blueberries, tastes like chocolate? I gotta try this!” I bought an acai smoothie. Granted, it has other fruit blended in it, but I really don’t taste any chocolate at all. It’s delicious, but not at all chocolatey.

So, opinions? Chocolatey or not?

Eh, only vaguely…actually more of a mild carob flavor in addition to the cherry highligthts.

Oh, and it has a good bouquet but a rather heavy body. :smiley:

My big complaint is that it is so gritty. But, as they say at the protologists’ office, you have to take the good with the bad.


Miss Violaceous–I assume you tried one of those Sambazon smoothies or something like that.

Those don’t taste like acai. The acai is so horribly diluted that the flavor of the berry doesn’t come through at all. All you get is the gritty texture that Stranger on a Train described.

Acai has a flavor that’s quite unique; it’s every bit as distinctive as those of chocolate, or coffee, or Coca-cola. There’s a very slight chocolate note to the taste of acai, but, to my mind, there’s really no good way to compare it to the flavor of anything else you’ve ever had before.

Where (if anywhere) can you get fresh açai outside of Brazil, or more specifically, in the US?