Does Africa have any recognizable landmarks?

Besides Egypt’s pyramids?

Table mountain in Cape Town?

Man made or natural? If the latter, I’d say the Serengeti plain.

Besides Mount Kilimanjaro? And Lake Victoria? And the Nile River and it’s delta? The massive rainforest? The Rift valley? And innumerable others.

Timgad and Leptis Magna come to mind instantly. There must also be at least several dams of note in Africa, the Aswan High Dam for one.

If you have Google Earth, start looking, you’ll find a ton of landmarks.

If you want to stick to man made, the world’s largest church is in the Ivory Coast.

Man Made:
Great Zimbabwe
The Jende Mosque
The Sankore Mosque and the rest of Timbuktu
Tomb of Askia Mohammed
and more

El Jhem

Thanks. I have forgotten about Mount Kilimanjaro

Victoria Falls
The Virunga Volcanoes
Ngorongoro Crater
Mt. Kenya

I hear there are many fine attractions in Kenya.

How many people would recognize those? I assume the OP is talking about things like the Empire State Building or Mt Rushmore or Uluru or the Eiffel Tower-- things that most people would recognize.

The Sphinx.

Well, I would recognize, at minimum, Kilimanjaro, Victoria Falls, views of the Serengeti, and a few others. On the other hand, who do we get to define as “most people”? European and North American image media has made images in those locations more familiar to people in those places. Is an object less recognizable because it has not (yet) been published or broadcast to large numbers of people outside its own region? Is the Empire State Building “less recognizable” than it was 30 years ago, after 35 years of NYC photographs concentrating on the South end of Manhattan rather than midtown? I would say that the Chrysler Tower is even more recognizable than the Empire State Building, yet I doubt that nearly as many people know what it is beyond a vague association with a “building in New York.”

Which is why, in the movie Independance Day, when the alien spacecraft appeared over all the centres of power across the globe, Africa was represented by Mt Kilimanjaro :rolleyes:


I’m not sure the (admittedly vast) Serengeti would be distinguishable from large stretches of Kruger National Park, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Richtersveld National Park, Masai Mara National Reserve, Chobe National Park, Gemsbok National Park or a dozen other similar natural “landmarks.”

Ditto to another poster’s suggestion of Lake Victoria, unless he meant Victoria Falls.

True. I guess we’ll need a statement from the OP as to whether s/he meant specific places or “recognizably Africa.”

Yeah, I mean places that are recognizably Africa. Like how Eifel Tower is recognizablyEurope or the Great Wall is recognizably Asia. The Savanah and Mount Kilimanjaro, I am sure most people can recognize.
I should read National Geographic more often, I didn’t know anything about those man made structures

If you’re talking iconic, instantly recognicable images of Africa, then my top three would probably be Kilimanjaro, Table Mountain and Victoria Falls (with its landmark bridge).

Just about any educated person would be able to recognise them, I think.

Well, I thought I was educated but none of those look familiar to me. :mad: