Does any guy actually refer to their genitals as their "Pecker"?

I keep getting a lot of Spam lately trying to sell various, er “Male enchancement”-related pharmaceuticals, and a lot of them have a subject line along the lines of “Ive just started dating this new guy but his pecker is too small and he keeps slipping out”, or "My boyfriends peter isn’t big enough to be feel inside me " :dubious: You get the idea.

Anyway, besides having a brief chuckle before hitting the “Delete” button, it did make me wonder- who actually calls their penis a “Pecker” or “Peter” in everyday use? Most guys I know refer to The Lads as being either a Dick or a Cock, or occasionally a few other relatively common slang terms (I don’t want to turn this into the “Let’s all invent humurous euphemisms for our genitals!” thread, so I won’t list them)- but NEVER a “Pecker” or “Peter”. In fact, the only time I’ve heard those terms in connection with one’s private parts is from old movies, usually WWII or Korean War films.

So, is the term “Pecker” or “Peter” still actually used as a slang for one’s genitals by anyone under 40, or am I correct in assuming it’s now been consigned to the “Archaic Slang” bin?

I’d assumed that the spam used those particular phrases because they were obsolete. Everyone knows what they mean, but would be unlikely to think to add them to a spam filter.

Everybody I know has always just said dick, cock or penis. And there’s been the occasional “lad.”

How often does on refer to their penis at all? I mean, I have one, but I seldom mention it - that would be creepy to my niece…


I went thru a period when I was going to refer to it as “my jimbob” if I ever had occasion to, which I did not.

Use of pecker is usually in a joking manner. “I’ve got a small pecker so I’m over compensating” or “you just got that Harley 'cause you have a tiny pecker”

I always say dick, cock, or penis, depending on the circumstances. It seems to me that pecker almost always refers to a diminutive specimen, so few men use the word when referring to their own. Peter is a word used only by people too uptight to say penis.

In the documentary This Film is Not Yet Rated, about who the MPAA rating board is and what they do, John Waters says he was able to quell protests from the MPAA that the title of his film Pecker was obscene by pointing out that no one ever uses the word in that sort of way: “Oooh, baby, let me slip you my pecker!”

I do have one friend who says “pecker.” He grew up in rural South Dakota, for whatever that’s worth. It might be regional. I’ve never heard anyone say “peter” unless they were trying to sound whimsical or ironic or something. I’e mostly only heard “dick” and “cock” with an occasional wild card like “schlong” or “crank” thrown in there once in a while.

Oh, and if you’re ever referring to mine, “Excalibur” is always appropriate.

I’d never use pecker or cock, I find them a bit gauche. Dick, Johnson, unit, junk, wang, weenie, or even penis seem to be more acceptable in my circles of friends.

I work with a bunch of nurses. Penis is the only acceptable term at work. Then again, how may workplaces have an acceptable term for it at all?

I know what you’re asking yourself and the answer is yes. I have a nickname for my penis. Its called the Octagon, but I also nick named my testes - my left one is James Westfall and my right one is Doctor Kenneth Noisewater. You ladies play your cards right you just might get to meet the whole gang.

No self respecting woman is going to admit to sleeping with three men at the same time. Or would they…

Ah yes, the Meg a. Dick! The ladies and even the gentleman whizzgaggled at me in the public John…

In answer to the OP, no I haven’t heard pecker in conversation in years. 23 male.

q.v. Character Walter Peck in Ghostbusters. While it was his name I’ve no doubt it was chosen because of the way “Pecker” is almost always used in a derisive fashion. In fact in one scene Bill Murray’s character says “It’s true. This man has no penis”

I think that’s pretty consistant with the way I’ve heard the word “Pecker” used, as China Guy says.

I’ve never hard the word “Peter” used in reference, but I’ve heard it called a “John Thomas” by people.

I’ve heard it referred to a chicken, a monkey, or the Bishop, but only in respective contexts of choking, spanking, or bashing.

I had a female co-worker who used both ‘pecker’ and ‘peter’ as joking insults but she was about 50 or 60 years old.

You mean something that would very unpleasent shoved into one’s netherparts and would probably be better off embedding in stone? Well if you say so.

Your examples of Spam uses the term pecker right. Your use as it meaning the sack and testes is always wrong.

I grew up hearing both ‘pecker’ and ‘peter’ – I am over 40, though. My mom always calls those long light bulbs ‘peter bulbs’ for instance. And I remember my grandmother teasing my brother, on his way to the chicken coop, “Don’t let the peckers peck your pecker.”

My 21 year old son uses ‘pecker’ but only in one context – he is a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy and the nickname for that rate has always been (and remains) ‘pecker checker.’