Does Anybody Else Feel Pressure to do Something Outside On Really Nice Days?

Yesterday was gorgeous around here and we went for a bike ride. It was lots of fun, good exercise, etc. But it often feels like on really nice days that you have to have a REALLY good reason not to spend it outside on the weekend, whether it is playing, relaxing or working outside. It’s almost as if I would be ashamed if someone asks, “What did you do yesterday?” “Oh I laid on the couch and watched Sealab 2021 DVDz all day” “What? it was beautifual and you spent inside? YOU MONSTER!!!”

eh, its probably all in my head.

I’d call it an urge. I feel the urge to be outside on a nice day.

Also to walk to work rather than drive.

I live in New England so my rationale goes something like this.

There are 365 days in the year.

50% of those are too cold to count as nice weather = 183 days left
50% of the remaining days will be too cloudy, rainy, or windy to enjoy = 92 days left
71% of the remaining days will be spent at work = 26 days left
50% of the remaining days you will have obligations = 13 days left

You only get about one day a month around here to enjoy a nice day outside if you have a full-time job and it is only daylight for some of it. You better get off your ass if you hope to see the sun on your terms.

That’s it exactly, Shagnasty. Summer here is short - you gotta hustle or you’ll miss it.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, it rains a lot. It’s pretty much partly cloudy about 300 days per year. So, if the sun is out on a Saturday morning - go take advantage of it. Chances are great that it will be cloudy or raining by afternoon.

Free Vitamin D! A shame to waste it!

+1. I live in Canada so the same ratios apply. However I know what the OP means. Sometimes, even though I know how rare those beautiful days without obligation can be, I still feel like lying about and watching golf, or snoozing (I love my naps!).

Btw, it’s been snowing or raining here for what feels like nine months. I kinda hate the OP right now, just a little.

I certainly feel I have to go outside in nice weather. But I would delete some of his days as too hot. In any case, I try to walk for an hour every day (and actually do at least 6 days a week). From Dec. through March and for a few days every summer, this means driving up to the mall. For the rest of the time, unless the weather is really rotten (as was today with snow mixed with rain), I walk outside. The previous two days were glorious, if a bit cold–about 5C.

No pressure felt here. Nor urge. I hate the outside. In fact, I think it exists only to make me go quicker from one inside place to another.

I live in San Antonio and my rationale goes like this:

There are 365 days of the year.

10% of them are too cold to do anything outside (mid-December to mid-January). 328 days left.
25% of them are too hot to do anything outside (mid-June to late August). 236 days left
71% of the remaining days will be spent at work. 69 days left

So, no… with over 2 months of free “nice day” time, there’s not much compulsion to do anything just because it’s a nice day. Hell, they’re almost all “nice days” around here.

Eh. It’s always too hot when it isn’t SNOWING 8 months of the year (like it was this morning). I’m not much of a sporty type, but…I do like taking a walk during that small window of nice weather. A warm summer evening under a full moon in June. A walk through the leaves in the fall. A walk in the spring rain, listening to the cacaphony of birds and inhaling the delicious scent of lilacs. Just sitting on the deck when everything has leafed out, at sunset, having a cup of tea or glass of wine, is nice. Before the crushing heat and mosquitoes!..I suppose it’s different for people trapped in office buildings all day, though. Them that has it don’t wants it, and them that wants it, can’t have it.

Yes, pressure. I always feel like I should be outside during a warm spring day.

I go out walking every day. Even when I had the full cast on my arm, I still went out and walked.

On nice days I just walk more.

I don’t really feel that compulsion, especially in spring and fall. It’s nice to get out, but I don’t need to. In the summer, though, when the pool is open, I make it a point to get there every chance I get.

Yes, but I also love sleeping in the warm sunshine like a cat.

A nap on a hot afternoon with the fan blowing on you after spending a couple of hours exercising or working outside is one of life’s pure pleasures. :slight_smile:

I love being outside, even on days when it’s a little too hot or cold or rainy. It never feels like pressure to me, I look forward to really nice days.

I don’t usually feel the urge, but after 3 months of straight, heavy snow, I am feeling my oats. My office has a huge window panel and the fact that I’m stuck here and can’t go enjoy the beautiful day is putting ants in my pants!

Yep. I can still hear my mom yelling at us (as she sat in the cool basement watching soaps) “Get outside! It’s a gorgeous day out there! Go on!”

She’d take my books away, even. pbbttt.

So yeah, I still have that urge. I usually ignore it, though.

That’s just mean. :frowning: