Anti-Rant, Perfect weather.

If I had control of the Illuminati weather machine, every day would be like today. 65, sunny that held for 8 hours or so, good rain storm coming in late tonight.

Got a good bunch of yard work done(plus laundry, but that’s meh). Got the stale winter air out; replaced by pre-pollen spring air, and now sitting down, feeling the ideal amount of well-accomplished dirty and sweaty, to demolish a rib-eye, potato salad, and couple Founder’s Porters.


Here, it’s 76 with blue skies. Unfortunately, I’ve had to work indoors all day.

(And, unlike the OP, people can actually see where I am. :rolleyes:)

I can’t get access to that Illuminati-controlled weather machine, so I moved to where they seem to be running it for maximum benefit. If they ever re-aim the beam, I’m in trouble for sure.

The OP didn’t give location, but here in Montreal it was a bright sunny day, with a high around 55 (13C). My wife and I took a long walk and sat in a park for a half hour, just soaking up those rays.