Does anybody here celebrate Festivus?

Or was that just a one year fad?

Actually, my wife and I do it every year, right between Christmas and Thanksgiving. Since Xmas and T’giving are usually spent with family, we decided to have a special day for our friends, “Festivus”, and it always goes off real well. I just cook a traditional Thanksgiving dinner (either turkey or a Honey-Baked ham), we all gather 'round, eat, talk and watch football/geeky shiite on TV (one Festivus we had a Buffy marathon, the other we requested that everybody bring a DVD/VHS tape with their all-time favorite movie scene (that was a good one)).

It’s a Festivus miracle!
Seriously though, did people actually celebrate “Festivus”? I know among my group of friends who are big Seinfeld fans I always wished them happy festivus or made reference to it on their cards or whatever, but actually celebrate it? Like with a big metal pole, and the feats of strength? I wouldn’t mind participating in the airing of the grievances.

I’ve got a lot of problems with you people, and you’re gonna hear about it. :smiley:

I saw a “Happy Festivus” sign in the the CB2 (Crate and Barrel) on Lincoln a few days ago. It was hard to tell if it was a corporate approved piece of POP or a single store employee with a sense of whimsy, but it made me smile.

We don’t do the airing of grievances (though my wife and I had a small spat during one of our parties). :wink:

That’s it. I demand the starting of a wide-scale Festivus.

This needs to go big time.

I imagine that Michael Richards would be catching an enormous amount of criticism this year (and deservedly so), with Julia Dreyfuss catching the rest for her TV sitcom (at least from those who don’t like it).

I like the pole bit, but you gotta wonder if future archaeologists will be debating whether a steel pole in a residence indicates a kinky eroticism or a quirky crypto-religious observance…