Does anybody out there watch General Hospital?

I haven’t seen this show for probably 6 years, but my boss has been out of the office the last week or so and I’ve stumbled accross it a few times.

Carly is kidnapped by Sonny’s brother. JASON is still on the show. (woo-woo, he’s about the hottest thing out there in my opinion).

Anyway, my boss gets back today and I don’t know WHAT I’m going to do! I can’t watch anymore! I might have to start checking the website for updates. haha

I’ve become a soap opera addict again. haha

Is anyone else addicted to GH? Have you been a long time fan of the show, or did you recently get sucked back in?

What are your thoughts on what will happen to Carly? How long will it take Sonny to find her? What will Rick do to his fiance (can’t think of her name)?

Any thoughts about GH welcome!

>>shh…don’t tell anyone, but…<<

When I lived in Germany, the only thing on AFN TV in the afternoons was GH…at first I thought it was crap, but had it on the in the background while I was grading papers. Then, after about a week, I started wondering if indeed Felicia was pregnant, and about two weeks later, I was running home from class to find out if there really was an Aztec Princess and, well…like any other good junkie, I have been hooked since.

The best invention of all time is the VCR. I tape the whole week and then fast forward the entire 5 episdodes and can see it all in just about an hour and a half - sort of speed reading but with video.

The current plots are kinda weak, so I am actually getting through 5 epsidodes in under an hour.

The only thing I have noticed in the past few years is that they really don’t keep the story lines all that long…in the past they would drag things out for months. Now, for the most part, the storylines come and go in about 2-3 weeks. This current Carly thing has been going on far too long, but my guess is that it will be over in the next week.

At any rate, I will soon quit watching GH for good. Really. I don’t need to watch it. I can quit watching anytime I want. All I have to do is pick up that remote and shut it off and I will. I promise. Soon. Really. I swear. Just one more episode and that’s it.

I’m so glad I have a partner in crime.

I don’t know what I’m going to do when my boss comes back tomorrow!!! haha It’s sad!

I think Sonny is onto Ric now. Thank heavens!!!

OK OK I’ll admit it, I am a soap addict.

I do watch GH. I started when I was in school, I actually saw Luke and Laura’s wedding… Been watching ever since (on and off but mostly on)

Like DMark the plot lines are way too long. The Carly kidnapping has been going on for way too long and they don’t seem to know where to go with it. Thank god according to the previews, it ends this week or beginning of next week OUF!!!

Elizabeth (Rick’s wife) will not die but hopefully she won’t forgive him this time so he and Faith can be happy and disappear together on the run from Sonny (I don’t like either characters).

And I must say, not related to the Carly story, that the new Emily gets on my nerves royally!!!

Anything else you need Breezy just ask and I’ll try to answer