Where on Earth is my SFU 07-17-05 Thread?

I feel like I’m living on planet no TV here.

David and Keith had to put two bags of porn in the dumpster?

Claire’s new workplace celebrates the late 90s with an Austin Powers-style “yeah baby” renaissance?

Rico gives Vanessa the eyerolling of a lifetime in the marital sack?

Nate gets a trim on his bangs?

Nobody has a single comment?

What about Nate deciding that he wants to try out some Quaker oats.

I’m still watching out of a morbid curisoity of how it will all end. I’ve lost all interest in this slew of unsympathetic characters.

I miss the first season or two with the quirky visits from Nate Sr. or the other ghosts. It has turned into an afternoon soap opera with dirty words and better sex scenes.

I never thought Brenda would be the most likable character in this show, but she is now.

I’m looking forward to next week. Durrell tells Ruth she looks like a witch, which apparently sends her off to Hiram the hairdresser (and former boyfriend).

Has anyone seen Frances Conroy in real life? I haven’t, and I’m wondering if that long hair looks better on Frances than it does on Ruth.

Ditto for me. I was thinking they (TPTB) were going to wrap things up in a semi-tidy way, but now it seems things are headed for major meltdowns for everyone involved. I can’t see Nate and Brenda splitting up again, and especially at this point, and him hooking up with Maggie. That seems so wrong and out-of-character. I’d hate to see that happen.

Claire’s going to be stuck in a dead-end job she hates, too much like Office Space. Last week when her cubicle mate had the radio on, and asked Claire if it was too loud, I was half-expecting her to say, “I was told I could listen to the radio at a reasonable volume.”

David and Keith are going to be stuck with the rotten kids, although it seemed Durrell warmed up some when they said they liked his performance in the school play.

I think one of the major characters (or a minor character) is going to kick it in a coming episode. They’ve had Nate’s friend from high school, Ruth’s friend, and then Maggie’s friend from church. The deaths are hitting close to home, and I think the writers are setting us up for a Big Death at the end.
I’m thinking Billy, but that seems too obvious.