Sfu 08/22/04

Hmmm, not to many “Great Lines” this episode. Only two I remember off the top of my head are “Sorry, I forgot we had them and bought more…twice” and another one I really don’t remember. Another thing…When Claire was at the rave, I was waiting for it to fade out and say CLAIRE FISHER 1978-2004. Made me wonder if she’ll end up over doing it on the drugs eventually. But I’m guessing this is more of a ‘phase’ that will play it self out soon enough. Other then that, seemed like kind of a bland episode. Of course I have a cold and kinda hopped up on meds at the moment. So maybe it was just me.

Kind of a let-down eppy after the last 2 or 3 (IMHO)

Lots of Brenda (gag) and Nate. Seems as if Nate is moving into the house Brenda had moved into with (whatever his name was). Maybe they never specified but let us assume that they had purchased that house. If so, #1 why didn’t he grow a set of balls and throw Brenda out and #2 how is Brenda paying for the place on her own? It’s not like she has a visible sign of income. She’s not doing massage therapy anymore, with happy endings :stuck_out_tongue: , so where do her resources come from?

Lisa’s family reminds me of the Adams Family - primarily due to the young girl that’s a wringer for Wendy. She has that “look right through you” gaze like she knows everything that’s going on.

Ruth & George - more of the same old stuff…

David & Keith - more of the same up - until the end of the eppy

Lisa’s family gets some big news at the end of the eppy as well

(I don’t normally worry about spoiler info - but in case you haven’t seen it yet I’ll leave the details out).

The last 5-10 minutes of this eppy are huge…the rest of it they could have left on the cutting room floor.

Couple of additional thoughts to add to the above.

Claire - Got to see lots of Claire tonight, but nothing that really advanced her story line along. Edie still has a case of the red ass over Claire and was really being a bitch. Claire & Billy spent some time in the darkroom where she was flirting with him.

Rico & Vanessa - Rico is out - old friend is in. Vanessa was glowing when the “old friend” came to the house…

COTW - WTF - I think I know why the guy had a drinking problem - he was married to the world’s biggest bitch. Why wasn’t she charged with anything? Try assault, after all she didn’t know he was dead when she was kicking the crap out of him. Then the way she was acting at the funeral home…bitch.

The cause and effect of the COTW’s drinking problem is hard to say. The widow could have gotten the way she is because was married to an alcoholic.

You never know.

I too am perplexed as to how Brenda was able to buy a home with Joe (tough name to remember…) in L.A. (median home price $408,000 in July) and then get rid of Joe, keep the house, make the mortgage payments, and all that.

I thought impossibly large houses that people couldn’t afford only existed in shows set in New York.

I am equally perplexed about Brenda’s house. Her family certainly has money, perhaps she dipped “into the trust fund” to get the house. It’s not as if studio musician Joe had money. But more likely, just sloppy writing in that it wasn’t clear who really “bought the house”, or on the other hand, maybe it was, “this set is too great to leave behind, lets just have Brenda live here and hope everyone forgets about Joe”.

I figured something was up with Not Lisa’s cremains when they covered that in the “Previously On…”, though my first guess was that someone was going to find the body until we learned Nate was going to the dedication. A little odd that it took so long for the ceremony to take place…perhaps more sloppy writing…“this is perfect for a cliffhanger, so we’ll bury (heh) this plotline until nearly the end of the season.”

And David goes Tyson on someone! That’ll teach that asshole to say please and thank you.

Gotta love the look on Keith’s face when he saw David with a mouth full of blood, spitting out part of the ear :D.

George seems to be playing some more ball with Ruth. Seemingly that roadtrip Ruth went on made him realize how lonely he was.

As for the big surprise… WOW! That and Lisa’s family finally finding out Brenda is with Nate again. Wonder if they are going to accuse Nate of shady dealings.

Lisa’s family can complain to Nate about the ashes, but it is highly unlikely they would be able to prove anything other than just that the ashes were mishandled.

Unless they are going to unearth Lisa’s bones out in the desert, which have probably decayed a lot by now.

Nate has really devolved into a big snivling baby this season. He makes a big deal about begging Brenda to take off and travel with him to the hotel in Idaho, because he just can’t face the trip alone. Going to the service and hanging with Lisa’s family (who were friendly and reasonable folks, we see) was just not a big stressful situation. Obviously, next week they won’t seem so friendly and reasonable anymore.

What was on the ground near the CotW? At first glance I thought he had thrown up, but in another glance I thought it was ice, but there seemed to be a lot of it.
I’ll bet that wife was hell to live with. She was yelling at her kid in a funeral home to stop crying about her father’s death.

Regarding the house that Brenda bought with French Horn Guy, in my head I’m just assuming that Brenda got some inheritance from when her father died, and that it’s completely Brenda’s house (thus FHG could just seamlessly walk away). And with the money, she’s also able to go to school instead of working right now.

When Vanessa told Rico he could come to the house for a couple of hours, I thought she was warming up to the idea of getting back together. But it was just a setup to have Rico see the new guy with her.

I’ve been getting bored with all the story lines about relationships, so I’m looking forward to a good conflict regarding “where’s Lisa?”.
I guess I have to finally accept the annoying fact that we’re never going to learn why she drowned.

I think it was vomit, but it was strange vomit. It looked like the guy had had a couple of martinis laced with marshmallows. Ick! And with a wife like that, I would have drunk the martinis with marshmallows, too. Anything to get away from that witch!

Nate is going to be so busted for the Lisa’s body thing. David is going to be so busted for the bar fight. (That was David and Keith in the clip at the end where the lawyer was saying her client wanted $500,000, wasn’t it?)

Rico is so busted. . . and he deserves it! Is Vanessa’s “old friend” the Hispanic guy from the CSI MIAMI team? Looks like him, but I’m not sure.

And what’s with George and his water fixation now? Cripes, that guy is a downer! Just what Ruth needs!

Only two more episodes. My heart breaks. . .

My favorite line? “I have colitis.”

I guess we now have our major season-ending cliffhanger in the fishiness over Lisa’s ashes.

I loved the argument between Kathy Bates (Bettina?) and her daughter (?) while playing scrabble. Then Ruth says “I’m really going to miss this”.

I knew it was a terrible idea for Nate to bring Brenda to Idaho. The fact that the Kimmels found out she was there was such a telegraphed punch. I’m sure Barb thinks that Nate was cheating on Lisa with Brenda, which is unfortunate, because he actually did bother to be faithful in his marriage.

Somehow I knew Nate was going to get busted on those ashes. Can they do a DNA test on those ashes to determine that they weren’t from Lisa?

I actually liked the scene between George and Ruth. He seems to realize that wives are NOT disposable and he really wants things to work. Ruth asserted her needs and he acknowledged them and the fact that he valued her, so that was good. I think his acquiescence might be a function of him getting older and not wanting to run around forever. It was nice to see him bonding with his wacky son. Sounds like he’s going to be getting a bit paranoid…hmmm, wonder where they’re going with that.

What the hell is up with David biting that guy’s ear? He could go to jail for that, not to mention a civil penalty. I wasn’t watching the previews very carefully; was that $500,000 settlement definitely about Lisa’s ashes or could it have been about therestaurant guy’s ear?

My guess was the ear biting. I seem to remember seeing Keith in the scene and there would be no reason for him to be there if it was for the ashes.

The scene with the lawyer is about David’s assault because the victim is shown in the preview.

As for a DNA test, I would think that if there were a bone fragment around, they could get DNA from that. Seems awfully expensive to do. The family would likely have to pay for the test as I doubt a judge would order it done.

This is a TV show, so even though in real life a DNA test on 30 year old bone fragments that had gone through at least partial cremation would be extremely difficult and expensive and take months, they may end up going in that direction. Quick, get Grissom from LVCSI, they can do anything!

A more realistic angle would be that a court order to peek into Fisher & Diaz records would likely quickly reveal that Lisa’s body was never sent to a crematoria. My guess is that the funeral home will be closed for code violations by the end of the last episode…and poor David is really going to be in need of some extra money about then…

Nate will just be able to give David a loan after he borrows against the equity that Brenda has in her new home.

I really liked this show in its first season. I loved when the COTW talked with the Fishers, and I really like Nathaniel.

But now, it’s all just sex and drugs and hystrionics. I’m close to giving up on it.

Favorite line:
Russell: “Mmmm…nostrilly goodness!”