Queer as Folk - 5/23/04 WARNING: SPOILERS!!!

Wow, what an episode. I was aware that something major was going to happen from the previews and what I suspected turned out to be correct, although I am sad that I was right.

Vic was one of my favorite people on the show. I especially loved his witty smart-ass comebacks. It was also nice to see him finally get a partner after being alone for so long. When he and Debbie had the fight last night, I was thinking as she left that she probably would never see him again and would regret those last words for a long time.

The revelation from Brian’s new doctor friend was a shock as well. It will be interesting to see how this affects his character.

Ted and Blake? I hope that is a short-lived adventure.

And then there is Justin. I’m quite surprised that they never mentioned what happened last week with his basher. I figured he would be arrested by now.


Man I want me some Showtime.

How are Blake/Ted back together? I thought Blake had a boyfriend.

What’s happening with Hunter? Is he still in the show?

No on, that’s OK, just use this thread. Don’t give my thread where I already started this discussion a second thought. No really, I’m not at all hurt that no one bothered to look all the way down the first page before starting a new thread to kill off one of mine.

mutter, mutter, grumble, bastard, mutter, grumble


My apologies! I checked this morning and didn’t see any other threads on the subject otherwise I wouldn’t have started this thread.

Concerning Blake and Ted, I’m not sure what is up. I thought Blake had a boyfriend as well but he showed up at Teds place and they started kissing.

Hunter is still on the show. I didn’t like his character at first but he is starting to grow on me. He is living with Michael and Ben.

All Blake ever said was that he was seeing someone. He may have broken up; he may still be seeing him and this is some sort of polyamory or open relationship thing; he could be cheating; or it could be some sort of bizarre pity fuck to “make amends” although that would completely suck.


Yeah, the Blake/Ted thing…somehow I don’t think that particular form of “amends” is in the Big Book…

But how much more fun would meetings be if it were?