Six Feet Under - 07/01/2004

David is definitely messed up from his kidnapping. Keith is now out with his coworkers and some of them may be gay as well? Claire did the deed with Edie. Federico tries to get himself out of his bad situation, but it was too late. At least he finally got around to doing the deed he was accused of. Ruth and George are still almost unwatchable, but at least Kathy Bates is back. After another fling with Brenda, Nate again sees dead people (Lisa). Lisa gives him good advice to start, but it seems she is just jealous of Brenda (in Nate’s head anyway). It seems Nate is still messed up too. Brenda tries the honest appoach and appears to fail.

I think the most telling thing is that after all of that in a 60 minute episode, it’s now mid Monday afternoon and there is still no SFU thread. Have they lost their audience? I thought it was a pretty good episode, but after Sunday nights of Sopranos and Deadwood, SFU seems to pale in comparison.

Of course, that should be 08/01/2004. :smack:

Mods, could I get a little help here please? Thanks!

I really really enjoyed this episode after missing the last one. I didn’t think Claire and Edie actually got it on, but they have plans to now. I love how Claire just gave up and was like, fine, lets just do it and I’ll see how I feel afterwards because I really can’t make up my damn mind.
I thought it was cool how Keith just came out after David broke down on the phone to him. And it wasn’t even a big deal, only now it mught turn out to be an annoyance because everyone knows. And I couldn’t stop laughing about the Heywood Jablome part. I don’t know this man!
My favorite part of the episode was when Vanessa went off on Federico and started throwing punches. Its so sad that before this episode, he actually hadn’t really slept with what’s-her-name. But no way is Vanessa gonna believe that and neither would I. I liked Federico’s might as well approach.
I don’t want Joe to go!!! I love him but I don’t think Brenda can handle some one as balanced as him, except for the whole sex thing.
And I don’t know what the hell Nate’s gonna do. Creepy Lisa dreams need to go.

I have either forgotten or never figured out what the tumor lady at the beginning had to do with the show. Did it have something to do with letting your problems fester too long and having them get out of control? Because thats happening to a couple of the characters.

I was so excited to come and discuss this episode here today, so thank you RogueRacer for starting the thread!

Do we know Claire and Edie did the deed? They were getting ready to, but we won’t know until next week whether they carried on or not.

Rico sure didn’t try very hard to explain to Vanessa what was going on with Sophia. Hubby says it wouldn’t have done any good, but I think Rico was (maybe subconsciously) looking for a reason to go back to Sophia’s.

As for Claire and Edie, the writers gave us every reason to think that they were spending the morning consummating their relationship.

I liked Kathy Bates being back, she adds so much more to the show than some of the more regular characters (namely Brenda). Seems like the only time I find Brenda interesting anymore is when she is with her kooky mom.

As for David’s flashback reaction when he was starting to go down on his latest boy toy, will he have the same problem when he is with Keith?

Unless Ruth finds a way to accept George for what he is she is destined to become part of his past that he never thinks about (like his other ex’s).

Will Nate ever meet another female and not end up boinking her at the drop of a hat? I liked Lisa as a “flower” but having her show up twice in one eppy was too much for me.

Kept waiting for there to be some kind of twist on the COTW, but guess not. Hope we’re not to the point of just having ppl die of cancer instead of going in unique ways.

That’s EXACTLY it. It was actually pointed out very clearly when Rico was saying something along the lines of “Can you imagine what it’s like to have something festering inside you, eating away at you etc etc etc” to which Vanessa replied, “yes, yes I can”. I suppose the less obvious ones were, Nate still letting Lisa keep him from having a real relationship and the whole Ruth and George thing.

I feel horrible saying this, but last week with the hot tub scene at the beginning. After the wife went in the house and the husband was still sitting in the tub, the first thing I thought was “Boy, I hope it’s not just going to be a boring heart attack”

I really enjoyed this episode. I think Keith had the best line:

You mean an egotistical, secretive, and downright manipulative asshole? I sure as fuck she doesn’t find a way to accept George and instead finds a way to grow a pair and kick him to the curb!

Porcupine, I loved that line too!

I have to admit that when they introduced Kathy Bates character last year, I thought they were going to explore a lesbian relationship with her and Ruth. But I guess I was wrong. Like the character though - and love the sister!

I think the purpose of Tumor Lady was: How could you let this thing grow inside you and not get help so it would kill you?
The parallel is David who has the horror of his carjacking and almost dying growing inside of him. . . and he is not getting help. At least not the kind of help he needs. He needs more than Keith and the percentage of his family who knows what happened to him.

I was so glad to see Patricia Clarkson and Kathy Bates back in the picture. I thought for sure George was going to put a move either on Sarah or Bettina before they left Topanga Canyon.

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that this show does an amazing job of casting family members that really really look like family members. Lisa and her sister, Ruth and her sister, and Brenda and her mom, look more like sisters and parents then their real life kin probably do.

Great episode. Things finally kicking into gear for each of the characters.

I liked that after Keith came out, he was the one sitting in the back with the star.

David seems to be teetering on the edge, and I still wonder if crazy boy (now that he has David’s wallet) will show up at the funeral home at some point and David will go postal on him. Perhaps that will be the final death in the final episode? Shouldn’t be hard to get David off a murder charge.

I think there is more to the George story…but I have no idea what direction that storyline is going, so looking forward to seeing what happens there.

And yes…it was great to see Kathy Bates back!

Can I get a sanity check? Nate only started having conversations with dead people while he was awake and in an unaltered state when he had the problem with his brain, right? So the fact that Lisa showed up at the end while he was awake and unaltered probably means that his brain problem is back?


I haven’t watched an episode in 2 seasons and I was amazed at the number of story lines still active.

Lisa’s still haunting Nate?
George and Ruth are still as dysfunctional as ever.
Keith and David still can’t get their groove on.
Claire is…well…being Claire…still confused about Life in general.
Brenda continues to make bad choices.
Rico and his wife are still fighting.

The highlight of this episode was Kathy Bates. I looooove her and her character.

The Dead Person of the Week used to talk to Nate, David and once or twice even Rico in the embalming room or sometimes during the funeral, so it wasn’t just Nate when he had the AVM. I miss when the Dead Person talked to them. They would offer bits of sage advice on whatever their problem was at the moment.

The casting and rendering of George’s ex-wives was also pretty remarkable, as well as creeping my pants off. I thought they all bore a resemblance to Ruth, and each other, in some way, and immediately made George even more of a creepy person. I hope all that comes to (heh) a head soon, because I think Ruth is going to crack and do something rash if not. Her breakdown at her sister’s place was really touching, and showed how much emotion she does keep bottled up inside.

Nate inspecting the used condom was, in a word, gross. But I sort of like the representation of the comfort level of Brenda and Nate’s relationship, where you can pick up a used condom and reflect poetically on its potential.

Hooray Keith! It took him long enough (as time seems to be flying by from episode to episode), but he’s finally out and does seem to be more in favor than the other bodyguards. If there’s a scene between him and Bobby Cannavale, I may die.

As the seasons go by, they’ve spent less time in the embalming room and more time exploring the rest of the family and thier relationships. Earlier in the series I think we spent alot more time watching what they do to the corpses, it was almost a documentry on undertaking. That may have had something to do with trying to build up an audience with the eww factor.

I think you have your time line off a little on some of these. Lisa didn’t die until last season. George and Ruth weren’t dysfunctional until this season. Before that they kept waking up the kids with their wild sex. :dubious:

Rico and his wife worked things out, but then her sister moved in causing more problems. Vanessa finally sided with Rico and booted her sister, but by then Rico was already caught in Sophia’s web. Of note, Rico had gotten one blow job and then spent months supporting Sophia and feeling guilty. He didn’t have sex with her until Vanessa threw him out.

Yes, Keith’s line about sex was hilarious.

They definitely went for the “eww factor” last week when Rico was putting the cotton stuffing in the guy’s head, and then putting his skull back on. Serious “ewwwww!” moment.

While George may be egotistical & secretive, I don’t find him manipulative at all. Indifferent? bingo. He spins in his own little world and past emotional baggage is not allowed. I think he cares for Ruth in his own way, but her relationship needs & his needs are far apart. Does this spell doom for them? Only if she insist on George sharing, which obviously is beyond his capability. Age Old lesson: don’t marry someone and then try to change who they are. For the most part it just doesn’t work out.

I don’t know why George bothered to get married for a seventh time. He seems pretty self-sufficient. Apparently he’s also repeating a pattern, if every one of his wives “asked too many fucking questions!”

I entirely approve of Claire and Edie doin’ it. Can’t go any worse than her relationships with men. I wonder if we’ll ever find out what happened to her boyfriend from the first season, the one with the bad armed-robbery habit? Maybe he’ll show up as a body; after all, they buried his brother.

David’s got shell-shock and needs professional help. I still hope Keith gets his hands on the psychotic creep. Surely an undertaker has ways to get rid of a body without attracting attention.

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