Six Feet Under - 7/25/2004 (Spoilers, of course)

(I could not find a thread on this episode. Did I miss it?)

I’m glad to see they returned to form this week.

Could Nate be more of a selfish prick? Yeah, I know, he ultimately did the right thing, but the fact that he had to be talked into it made him seem even more prickish than usual.

I’m glad to see our favorite disfunctional couple together again. Brenda was just getting too boring.

The birthday dinner was great. Has each Fisher child now come to dinner under the influence?

I don’t know if I agree with the selfish prick title. It’s not exactly like Nate is a poster child for mental stability, but yes, he did need to get the hell over it and help out because David is in a far worse place.

I loved the birthday dinner - laugh out loud funny (IMO).

Yep, they’ve all been high at dinner. If Ruth was my mom, I would be too.

I was a bit surprised at the academic dinner party. I’m one of those who, early on, thought George was probably a total fake. Looks like he’s not, and that his secrets revolve around his relationships, not his career.

Maybe I should cut Ruth some slack, but why can’t she just be honest with herself and with George? She regrets that she married him, otherwise she’d be a little more tactful with him, about his past. She’s had relationships since Nate Sr. died; it’s not like she’s been in a time warp.

This too – I hate to lower the tone of these threads, but Brenda’s boobs are huge. She had a baby, didn’t she? Dang. I’ll bet they’re tender.

Nate and Brenda – when I see them together, I get the feeling that the characters are really connecting. Maybe it’s their history. Do you get that?

I loved the birthday dinner, too. And we’re getting even closer to Hot Girl-On-Girl action with Claire. Woo!

The scene with Brenda in the linens store–I actually yelled out, “That’s what I THOUGHT.”, which of course, caused my husband to crack up.

Rico is a horrible liar, and he’s just digging himself deeper. Any guesses on how much “Infinity” spends per week on blow?

David is just breaking my heart right now, because he’s trying so hard to keep it all together. If there was any doubt that Keith loved him, it’s gone now–Keith wants to be by his side and take care of David. It’s sweet, in the way that only big tough guys can be sweet. :slight_smile:

Well, if I was to be going on the preview for the next episode, there’s gonna be some real connecting going on. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Brenda had unprotected sex with French Horn guy in the new house, and later she goes over to Nate’s place, where they probably do the same thing. My prediction: Dramatic sparks will fly when Brenda discovers she’s pregnant, but doesn’t know who the father is.

Claire and Mena Suvari need to get it on.


I have nothing more to report.

I had been wondering since the new season started, “What happened to Ruth’s sister Claire.?” The previews show Ruth at her home. Any bets George “knows” Claire? Will George make it to the end of the season? Does he push Ruth off the edge of a cliff? I like the dynamics here more and more, but they are really keeping George’s past in the shadows. He seems to be able to put Ruth on tenterhooks quite easily. It appears he’s gaslighting her, but he does it to her face. Poor Rico! He must feel like he’s been strappped into the guillotine, and someone’s about to pull the lever. He used to appear so savvy, and with it. He went completely bonkers after one go-round with Soifa? Guess he’ll never be president. Rolling pin, huh? Claire’s release appears to be at hand. Wonder if she’ll need drugs the next time. David is still mostly unaware of his good fortune to be with Keith. Good to see Brenda and Nate together. I’m sure they’ll reconcile, and will be good for each other, 'til the next crisis. Now, how to get rid of Joe. A la Arthur, or something more creative?

I admit I was annoyed by last week’s “David goes for an Emmy” performance, but it seems now that it was a plot device to (in part) bring Nate back to the funeral business.

I wondered if they were going to have Brenda get pregnant this season. I hope not, cuz that usually spells the end of innovative scripting when they start going for kids and dogs as plot devices. But they need to get rid of that dipstick she’s shacking up with. Bring back ARTHUR! The guy oozes creepy.

“We should all work with dogs.”

Much improved this week! I was lamenting after the previous episode’s heavy-handed drama that I feared SFU was starting to tread water in Boston Public’s everything-that-can-go-wrong-does-here territory.

Question–is Rico having any kind of sexual relationship with Sofia? I know she gave him a BJ that initial time, but successive episodes have seemed more ambiguous.

Nate really has been an ass, but you know, he’s had a very shitty trio of years (to say the least). Meanwhile, I kinda miss the dead talking to them. I half expected the violence victim to start chatting it up with David.

Brenda, I knew, would snap eventually. The home-baby-commitment thing couldn’t last. And yes, I too see a pregancy/father quandary coming up.

BTW…speaking of Rachel Griffiths…hubby and I watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch the other weekend, and both of us flipped–Hedwig looked so much like her! Hubby was sure it actually was, but I knew the actor. It’s astonishing–Rachel Griffiths with an Adam’s apple!

Rachel Griffiths had a baby this past November. I would think that her scenes were filmed before she had the baby and they may just use her natural growth to fit into the storyline.

According to the IMDB, she and her husband named their son Banjo.

I thought that was Ukulele Ike’s illegitmate son’s name.

A good episode, and the artist friends all buzzed up and showering and licking and talking art and looking for something tart…I forgot what it was like to be that age, and it brought it all back to me. Well done.

So what do you think the real reason everyone leaves George, other than his claim that they asked too many questions? Does George really have some CIA/double agent secret history?

And yes, it was a lovely birthday dinner - though not exactly reminicent of The Waltons.

David’s trying to be the Brave Little Toaster just about broke my heart in this episode. I think I felt worse for him trying to put up this front in front of his family than I did last week when he was in such danger. Thank Og he finally told Clare the truth. And wasn’t she the sensible sister getting Nate to pitch in and help the brother in need. Keith is fabulous!!! Now that all that pent up rage seems to have dissipated, I’m really liking him.

George is a Bad Egg. I’ve known it all along. I don’t understand what his attraction is. I think he’s a big, old, surly, geeky guy with not much hair. Ruth would do well to toss him out on his ear. . . or whatever.

Rico? He’s gonna get his! Vanessa is not a lady to try to fool. She’s smart. . . and she looks mean! Look out!

Nate and Brenda? It’s about time! Now let’s get things cooking. (But I did like Nate working in the Doggy Day-Care. I would like to work with doggies all day, I think.)

I completely disagree with the last half of this. Nate has been distraught and selfish since Lisa disappeared, but I think the point of his coming back to help David is to show that he’s finally through the grief and pain, and ready to get back to normal. (Well, what passes for normal in this f**ked up family.)

I found the scene in which Nate came down and stood by David the most touching moment of the whole series to date. I don’t think I’ve come closer to crying since the show began.

Rico is soooooooo screwed. I feel bad for the guy. Even though he’s not as guilty as it might appear, he just keeps digging himself deeper. BTW, does anyone think there’s any sincerity at all on Infinity’s part, or is she heartlessly using poor Rico as a sugar daddy? (And a Platonic one at that, which makes him an even bigger chump, no?)

I actually don’t think we’re in that much disagreement. I agree that this was a big turning point for Nate, but his whining in this discussion prior with Claire screamed (to me) “I’m a selfish prick.”

Right, but when she said, “He’d do it for you,” Nate snapped out of it and became a grownup again.

Oh, she’s playing him like a flute. Watch how she will react whenever Rico tries to distance himself from her–she pulls something out of her hat that brings him back, such as the ‘bad breast implants’ or, as an example of the previous episode, when she told him ‘how important he is’ in her life.

He’s in a tough spot now, because she knows where he works, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she figures out where he lives.

Yep. He’s screwed.

I was kinda wondering if the Nate/Brenda thing was no more real than Brenda getting buried by comforters. I mean, a few scenes before Nate was talking about having just achieved some semblance of a normal life (with Claire), which he jettisons to help his brother, and then Brenda glides in appropos of nothing and declares herself unable to live a normal life herself. It might be a long shot, but I’m thinking maybe he’s fantasizing…

Maybe it’s PMS, but the Claire/David heart to heart and Nate coming through for his brother reduced me to a sniffling mess…

Rico’s driving me crazy! How much of a co-dependent, guilt-ridden, sniveling mess can one person possibly be?! He left a message on the wrong machine, for Pete’s sake!! Get it together, son! :wally
Casting another vote for Maestro Infinity, by the way.

I miss the Talking Dead, too.

Mmmm…rolling pin…

Maybe I should cut Ruth some slack, but why can’t she just be honest with herself and with George? She regrets that she married him, otherwise she’d be a little more tactful with him, about his past. She’s had relationships since Nate Sr. died; it’s not like she’s been in a time warp.


I’m pretty annoyed with Ruth. I feel like she’s being really passive-aggressive. I thought her mentioning Rico’s “visitor” to his wife is an example of this—kind of like “I’m miserable, might as well share the misery.” I doubt she truly believed that Sofia was a friend of Vanessa’s, given how squirmy Rico seemed.