4/7 Six Feet Under - the dream sequence that wasn't - SPOILERS!

You know the scene I’m talking about…where Brenda su’ed the hell outta her client’s shiat.

I kept waiting for Brenda to blink out of it, but it never happened. She certainly seemed to enjoy herself, and the episode apparently fueled her writing. But I’m mystified why she, in the middle of this whacked-out phase she’s going through, would propose to Nate.

I did enjoy Ruth’s airy-fairy sister, and the end scene with Ruth and Claire sifting through Claire’s childhood art was sweet.

Also, I was really hoping to see David get involved with Ben to some extent. I love Keith but I think David needs more experience before taking on the big undertaking that a relationship with Keith will obviously be.

I had the same feeling. Last week her lunch date with the call girl and then watching her go to work inspired the “whatever” she is writing. Brenda seemed to me to compartmentalize the act as “research”, rather than it being something that she enjoyed sexually. I’m quite sure she’ll continue to do more “research” in the episodes to come and eventually Nate will catch her or she’ll break down and admit what she’s doing during her appointments.

No kidding! I was thinking, “She’s not really doing that…is she?!? OMG, she did!”
I was kind of surprised she did it. (I hope he tipped her!). I was glad, though to see that she refused to see him anymore. Maybe it was just something from her lunch with her other client, the prostitute, and that thing with “watching” that spurred her on.

I was surprised that Nate lied to David about telling her about his condition. Why lie about telling her?

Creepy scene with the woman wanting to see her dead husband. The abuse angle threw me a little. Didn’t she say in the begining they were separated?

I like when they cast people who actually look like they are related, and the woman who played Sarah really looked like Ruth’s sister. Nice touch. And Lauren Ambrose (Claire) actually looks like Ruth’s daughter, too.

And David and Keith. They were involved, so getting back together shouldn’t be a big undertaking.
I think they will end up back together.
I was waiting for Keith’s niece to mention “fudge-packer” in front of Ben. That little girl has a mouth. She needs someone to straighten her out!
I liked Ben; it’s too bad David’s still so hung up on Keith.

I’m mad at Nate for not telling her, and then lying to David. I can’t believe I’m mad at a character, but I am!

I missed the first ten minutes or so, so that certainly does make it stranger.

I think Keith’s got a lot more baggage now then he did when they were together, so I think it’s going to complicate things. The shooting, his niece, his sister, a less-than-ideal relationship - I don’t know if David’s equipped.

You big-ass liar!

Nothing more on the Gabe front this episode…wonder what’s going on there?

Who’s the liar? She said “fudge-packer” right in front of Ruth! I thought Ruth was going to stroke out right there in the kitchen.
(hijack…if that little girl, the actress, was my daughter, I wouldn’t want her to take a part like that, with all the cussing, especially the FP word. Call me June Cleaver, but they don’t need to say that stuff. She’s what, only 9 or 10?)

Don’t you know about Gabe? He changed his name to Milo and is over at CTU helping Kiefer Sutherland find the terrorists before they assassinate Senator Palmer! :wink:

He is also is splitting time in hell where he is teasing the new arrivals who will have to drive minivans for eternity. :slight_smile:

Well, I blew that reference…the little girl called David a big-ass liar. Sorry it wasn’t clear!

I missed the first part of it. I saw Brenda give a guy a handjob but no BJ. Did that happen or am I splitting hairs?

I noticed the same thing on how much the sister’s looked alike. She was Costner’s wife in The Untouchables.

I think Brenda’s novel is about a prostitute.
I think the hand-job was an inspiration. . .call it research if you want. . . and the kind of thing a hooker would do for a client.
And I thought the way the client paid her was john-esque, as well.
I don’t think she was happy with herself after it was over (ergo, the hand-washing. Out, out, damned whatever!)
But Brenda is also a very complex character. . . and probably not quite sane. We know she is sexually experimental from the very first episode of the show, so maybe this was just another thing she wanted to experience.

And I’m glad David broke off with Ben! That guy scared me half to death. He had all the earmarks of a manipulating, controlling SOB. And I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him. I can imagine him stalking David & Keith if they do get back together as the preview hinted. Then watch out!

Man, Brenda sucks. What a nightmare it would be to be in love with her. I think Nate’s afraid to tell her because he knows she’s looking for an excuse to bail out.

I think she’ll do a good job of hiding it, but Nate will find out when he reads the book. Or better, when he reads the book, figures it’s fiction, then meets one of the guys who helped her “research” and the guy says something like “hey, I’m the guy on page 93” without realizing who Nate is.

I know this isn’t exactly on topic, but can somebody please tell me the name of the actor who plays Ben?

Ben was played by an actor named Adam Scott.

Hey, taping the episode for a co-worker pays off!

Since Ben was listed in the closing credits, instead of the opening ones didn’t augur well for his relationship with David.

Thanks so much!
Adam Scott’s picture is in this week’s issue of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. He is in the movie HIGH CRIMES.

**I thought the same thing!Great minds think alike, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, just a handjob.
What about Brenda’s real dream sequence when Nate was smothering her with the pillow? Why does she want to get married if she feels she’s being smothered? I’m not sure I see them making it to the altar.

I was also surprised that Ruth had Nikolae (sp?) spend the night.
The look on Claire’s face was priceless. Good morning…apparently!

I think she gave the handjob as a subconscious way of sabotaging her relationship with Nate. She’s always making the relationship difficult and she and Nate have discussed how she’s always trying to ruin the relationship because she’s afraid.

She gave the handjob right after the dream about Nate smothering her with a pillow. That dream obviously wasn’t the most romantic thing in the world and indicated her fear or discomfort about being in a serious relationship. I think the two scenes fit together.

I don’t doubt she gets a little writing inspiration from it, but I think the real reason is to ruin the relationship.

Am I the only one that sees a really strong physical resemblance between Brenda and Ruth? She could be her daughter!
Mr singular finally saw this himself Sunday night.

My god…that scene was…

First of all, I thought the client was hot. Then the simulated helping hand and the (I know, fake) orgasm reaction…I had to go sit down for a while…

And then I…I don’t know…felt sorry for the client, really. It’s not like he forced her, or even coerced her, to do what she did. But he still gets the (necessary, I know) brush-off and the whole “oh-my-god-my-hands-need-sterilized” treatment.

Then again, I don’t really like Brenda all that much in the first place, so I may be coming from a biased corner.


I don’t remember if she said they were separated or not, but this scene provided one of the funniest lines ever, when Nate climbs into bed with Brenda and says something about having a bad day at work with a woman “screaming at the dismembered body of her husband who used to beat her” or words to that effect, all nonchalant like it’s a normal workplace experience.

I still enjoy this show but it’s not as affecting as it was last season. I only care about the three siblings, and this year, while they’re still the main characters, there’s rather more about Brenda and Ruth, both of whom I can’t stand – Brenda because she’s setting poor Nate up for such a fall; Ruth because she’s such a poor person – and incidentally an awful mother. The one part of this show which challenges my ability to suspend disbelief was how Claire managed to survive the first two years of high school without Nate and David around. (I know David was there physically, but he just too repressed until after his father died and Nate came back.)