SFU - 8/15 - Grinding the Corn

Nice eppy title :slight_smile:

Claire FINALLY gets her “corn ground”. Funny, seems like the release of that pent-up frustration had a snowball effect for the rest of the SFU world.

Keith had my favorite line - “Yea, well don’t blow anybody while you’re in there” after David said he was going to take a shower. Seems to me that Celeste may have rekindled his interest in women (at least temporarily) no matter how much he denies it to David. It’s not exactly like those two never lie to each other…

Seems like Ruth let go of some pent-up frustration as well. Although the horse scene at the end lost me.

Nate has some of the damndest dreams. I was glad to see the funeral home actually involved in this eppy however. Nathaniel has been gone too long - welcome back.

Long live the Blue Twister (still LMAO - I did a search google searchto see if the comic character really existed and it seems to be a sex toy :smiley: )

Random thoughts:

Best line for me of the show was Keith saying, “Tit for tat,” and David responding, “You don’t get to say ‘tit’ to me!” I knew that open relationship thing would blow up in their faces (pun intended).

We really got to see George’s attitude towards marriage in this ep, when he said to Rico, “Get another one.” Ouch. Doesn’t bode well for his union with Ruth, does it?

Poor Ruth, poor horse. What a crappy end to her adventure. The Fishers can’t even escape death on a vacation, it seems.

Are Nate and Brenda back together? Am I supposed to be happy about that?

Yay for Claire! That guy is a keeper, seriously. Nice to see a strapping young man like that who takes the trouble to thoroughly grind the corn. Seems from the previews that

Edie is going to be a total bitch to her now. I don’t think that’s quite fair: when you try to flip a straight girl, that’s the risk you take. But Claire had to know that Edie would do performance art about their experience; it’s what those pretentious art types do with their personal lives. Bleah.

Was anybody else afraid that George was going to do something mean to the baby? He’s soooo creepy…
God, she’s cute. And I don’t slobber over babies often…

I doubt Claire’s gonna keep the guy, talented though he might be :wink: . I think she’s going to be gunning for Brenda’s brother (kinda lame pretext to bring him back on - other teacher in a car accident) and Nate’s going to lose his mind. Those Fishers - they love them some Whackjob!

I think David’s moved on from Psychofreak PTSD to Celeste Boob Obsession pretty damn quickly. He should have to deal with that for the run of the show, at least.

flickster, I love that you google’d the cartoon character! Come on, now, describe the sex toy! Does it, um, grind things? Bluely?

Excuse me, but did I not say that Edie would be nothing but trouble? (Ok, ok, it wasn’t that hard to figure out, but still…)

See for yourself
blue twister

Congrats to Claire on achieving the big O…but I didn’t understand how “grinding the corn” was supposed to work. I was listening to the explanation and while I was working on the first part of imagery, he finished the description and I’d missed it and was lost. Right. So could someone, in layman’s terms, explain what grinding the corn is?

p.s. That whole business reminded me of “the swirl” from Seinfeld. :slight_smile:

And jellyblue, I was worried about George, too. Other than that one son, he probably hasn’t spent time around little kids.

Phew. That’s, uh, LARGE.
And in the interest of thumping myself on the head, let me just say that noone who read this thread (http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=266235) has any business asking what a Blue Twister sex toy looks like; {obviously, it’s the 18"DHIBJD :eek: :eek: } , nor does anyone named “jellyblue” :stuck_out_tongue:

saramamalana, you DO know you’re just going to get volunteers to show you what it is, don’t you? :wink:

Yeah, and that ‘one son’ ended up mailing poo for a hobby! I would never leave my kid alone with that guy! I’d rather leave her with Arthur.
Okay, I’ve obviously used up my smilie quota for the day, I’m off…

Heh, I must be old; my first thought was the Venus Butterfly from LA Law.

I wasn’t worried about George and Maya - he is a nutjob, though. Rather then telling Rico to “just get another one,” he should have been telling him to go apologize. I hope Rico realizes he’s getting marriage advice from someone who’s been married 6 times!

I also didn’t get the bit with the dead horse at the end. I was hoping Ruth and Bettina would be able to have a good time. Ruth deserves it.

I liked when the Comic-Books Geeks came back to steal the comic book and Rico said, “We’ve got a gun!” and then Nate said, “And a phone!”

And Billy’s back. I wish I hadn’t seen Jeremy Sisto’s name in the opening credits. It would have been more of a surprise.

I liked Claire’s Dollhouse. That was funny.

Another senior citizen checking in – I thought Venus Butterfly too. :slight_smile:

What were we supposed to think about George’s little breakdown when he was with Maya? That he’s sorry he can’t maintain a relationship? Could he really be insecure and trying to hide it?

I didn’t get the dead horse either.

Was there a theme connected to the comic book? What do we treasure?

OK, here’s my take on the horse incident. If my college Spanish serves me. . .the guide said matter-of-fact-ly either shortly before or right after shooting the horse “Es muy viejo.” (He’s very old.) So, bang, no more old horse.

And Ruth immediately applies that to herself. She’s old, in her mind, and she’s been frolicking not befitting her age and she thinks she should go back to her dull life and cold uncaring husband cuz that’s what old folks do. I hope Bettina snaps her out of that because that’s so not what she needs.

However, for the first time I kind of warmed up to George in this episode. I think his breakdown while watching Maya is because he realizes how incapable he is of connecting with other people, even with a baby. But when he tripped the comic book geek and then did a high-five with Nate, I thought maybe there was something to redeem here.

And I am so glad Jeremy Sisto is back. Things should begin to boil in the Claire universe because of him!

During Comic Book Dude’s funeral, was that David Daskal from Average Joe : Hawaii attending the service?

Yep, sure was. My G/F and I both yelled “DAVID DASKAL” in that silly voice he used when we saw him sitting amongst the mourners.

What did grinding the corn guy say to Claire in the park, after Russell left, about Edie to which Claire replied “she really said that?”.

My fellow d&d players (who stopped the game for an hour and a half to do a fantasy football draft, but couldn’t shut their mouths for the last ten minutes of SFU) were talking loudly about trying to draft Mean Joe Green into their league and I missed what he said.

Seemed like quite the plot point, too.

OK, somebody talk me out of this point of view: I’ve been devoted to this show since day 1, but it has become about nothing other than the sex lives of Fisher & Diaz. Is Keith really straight? Will he and David find true happiness? Will Claire get her bean snapped? Will Rico dump his hoochie-mama? Will Brenda quit screwing up her life by screwing everything in pants? Will Alan Ball only be happy if all his straight characters turn gay and all his gay characters turn straight?

Do I still care?

And dammit I still don’t know what grinding the corn means! :frowning:

What he described was taking the pestle and working it around the rim of the mortar instead of down in the bowl…

Apply that visual in a sexual nature and you have “grinding the corn”

I don’t remember the exact words – something like “She said her pussy grossed you out”.

I had to answer the phone during the scene where Brenda was in her therapy group, and Miss Straitlaced said she smelled marijuana, and looked at Brenda. Anything interesting happen there?

“Straitlaced” told her to leave, but Brenda pleaded with her and everyone else (who reamained silent) to let her stay because she was afraid of what would happen if she left. She said she “really needed to stay (t)here”.

Count me as another oldie who thought “Venus Butterfly!” The thing about the dude with Claire (Peter Facinelli, aka Mr. Jennie Garth, playing far younger than he really is) is that he seems far too normal. He can’t possibly be a good match for a Fisher, there’s no quirk to him, no nuance of sexual weirdness, no hint of mental illness, no apparent deviancy, no violent streak, no disrespect for the law. I give him two more episodes, then he’s gone – and newly orgasmic Claire is gonna go toddling after headcase Billy.

Give me a break.

Edie and freeloader “oh you folded my panties” girl (Anita?) can both go to hell. Russell and his lack of basic anatomical knowledge, can drive them there.

Rico is irritating me. He needs to get contrite PDQ. He needs to get down on his knees and crawl. Instead he’s listening to love 'em and leave 'em George. Idiot! He deserves to be sleeping in the corpse prep room. Blech.

Brenda and Nate. Whatever. Yawn. Maya, in 18 years, will be in serious therapy. “My dad, who had all these screwed up dreams about my dead mother in weird situations, moved in with his totally screwed up ex-girlfriend, and took me with him. She was this total mindtrip pot smoking sex addict – and get this, she was studying to become a shrink! She totally destroyed my childhood.”

Was I the only one who figured that if Keith was gonna cheat with anyone, it was going to be with the other bodyguard? (Bobby Canavale) Schtupping Celeste wasn’t just a bad career move, it was a bad life move. But the fact that David is having freak out hallucinations in church, even, not to mention the sexual acting out, is bothersome. Why isn’t anyone (like his funeral director/former grief counselor brother) encouraging him to go to a trauma counselor? Argh.

This show is getting too frustrating. I don’t like where any of the characters are going at all. They’re becoming too screwed up. Dysfunction is one thing, mental breakdown is another.

He couldn’t win; she would have SO fired him if he’d said no! I guess he figured, “At least this way, I get laid…” She gives prima donna divas everywhere such a bad name…wait, they already have bad names. Never mind, carry on.