Six Feet Under 8/7

2 more episodes to go
After tonight, I have no idea where it’s going during that time.

Who was the the red hoodie that David kept seeing?

The madman who kidnapped him in “That’s My Dog,” Episode #4.5. The incident set off post-traumatic stress disorder that troubled him for several episodes.

'xcuse me, I’ve got something in my eye . . .

I don’t know how to make a spoiler box or I’d answer you, flickster. But to give you a hint, he was the guy from last season who was looking for his dog.

I thought that was who it was, but wasn’t positive.

Interesting episode. Lot’s of potential plot twists, other than the big, obvious ones.

Are Ruth and George going to get back together?
What will happen with Roger and Keith and the video?
What’s going to happen to Fisher and Diaz?

One thing that really bugged me. I’m the same age as Nate (40). I can’t believe that someone my age would have been that in to Nirvana to react the way Nate did to Kurt Cobain’s suicide. “He was too pure for this world.”??

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I think what confused me was thinking that the hoodie was supposed to be a caricature of “Death” just due to the head covering, but then thinking that couldn’t be right beacuse that guy wasn’t dead yet.

I predict big growth in the green funeral business. I expect to be cremated, but if you have to be buried, that seemed like a good way to go.

Would anyone mind giving me a quick recap? Or even a long one if you like. But a quick one would be great too.

I liked the burial stuff too. Seems like it would help, doing something for the dead person – a bit closer, more involved than signing papers at a funeral home and then walking by the casket at a viewing. (I’d never feel secure that the land wouldn’t be a mall someday though.)

Everybody pretty much reacted like I expected they might, except for Maggie showing up at Brenda’s with a quiche. That was insensitive and thoughtless. How could Maggie think anything she could say would help? What did Maggie think Brenda would do? Hugs all 'round, everything’s okay?

Predictions? Maya staying with Ruth permanently? Ruth and George getting back together? The Keith-Roger video story line is puzzling – where’s that going?

Agreed! That was a really “off” note in an otherwise arresting episode.

I really hated seeing the guy in the red hooded sweatshirt again. I HATED that episode because it upset me so much. Way too scarey!

Another plot possibilities

Although Clare looked to be unhappy with Ted in the preview for next week, I think she will end up with him and get married or some un-Clare like thing.
And Billy and Brenda will raise the baby together.

I still get the feeling somebody else is going to end up dead before the finale, I just can’t figure whom. Keith, during a struggle with Roger? Billy’s crush on Brenda crops up again and he goes off and takes Mom or Brenda with him? Maggie’s Quaker beliefs don’t hold up under the guilt and ?

The guy in the red hooded sweatshirt had blank white eyes that last time he jumped at David, right? David seemed to be mixing Nate and the red sweatshirt guy. Because they’re somehow linked in his mind or they just happened at roughly the same time?

Ruth seemed to be getting herself together toward the end, and not just about Nate’s death. Thank goodness. After a rough start, she became someone I could like again.

Somehow I got green burials mixed with the research grounds where they study decomposition rates and such. So for a couple of seconds I expected the bodies just to be lying in the tall grass under the trees. Not a place you’d want to go hiking.

Nate did seem way too old to be so upset over Cobain dying. Young Claire was almost more believable. Also, nobody would have let Brenda be the last one to leave. Is Nate going to be like Nate Sr and haunt his family now? His dad always seemed to be either a best friend and comfort, or your worst enemy, dredging up all sorts of fears. Tonight he was certainly no friend.

I’m the same age as Nate and I didn’t get all worked up over Kurt Cobain’s passing. I hardly ever listened to him.

But I think you need a larger sample.

Has anyone else noticed virtually no interaction between Brenda and the Fishers? No one at the funeral comforted her, but Ruth comforted Maggie. Also, no one, aside from Maggie, has made any attempt to reach out to her.

Even when she dropped Mia off with Ruth, there was very little connection made between the two ladies.

Why is everyone ignoring Brenda, the woman carrying Nate’s baby? I know why I can’t stand her, but there never seemed to be such a coldness between her and the Fishers before.


The feeling I got was that David was seeing his escape from death coming back the way Nate’s escape from death caught up with him. Also, when David had his conversation with Nate Sr, you could see that David had some guilt that he (David) was still alive and that Nate was the one to die early.

Nobody has mentioned what a great job Freddy Rodriguez did in last night’s episode. First there was his manic to-do list of things that needed to be done to protect his family in case he met a fate like Nate’s. Then there was his solid handling of the memorial service and burial. But the most awe-inspiring part was his speech about Nate. Freddy has always been a favorite of mine, but he really shone last night.

And my interpretation of the Red Sweatshirt Guy was that he represented Death to David. His own death. And he just couldn’t face it straight on. He was rightfully frightened all over again. So, the mortician can handle other people’s deaths (except his brother’s of course), but not his own. How very human.

Re Brenda’s isolation from the Fischer family: I think she isolated herself all the time she was with Nate. I don’t know whether she simply didn’t like the Fischers or whether she somehow thought she was better than them (or not good enough), but they have never been close. Freddy/Rico tried to connect her to them. . . or to himself and Nate’s body. . . but she was having none of it. She wanted to be alone. And now she is. Thank God she had the good sense to bring Maya to Ruth before she went off the deep end with Billy.

It was a good episode, and I really enjoyed it. What was interesting was that all the people were affected differently by the loss of Nate. Claire can’t be bothered to even dress up at all. David is neurotic about getting his family to dress up properly. Diaz is worried about business and life insurance for his own family. Everyone blames eachother for the loss and themselves as well. It was an interesting look at grieving and loss.

However, none of it really had any impact on me. My SO was affected by the sadness of the episode and was sniffling a bit. I just can’t look at any of the characters on the show with much empathy. They are all just so fucking nuts! None of them are normal or even close to it. This is what makes the show so interesting to watch, but also gives it an almost comic book quality that removes the more dramatic element for me. I was much more impacted by Dr. Green’s death episode in ER, for instance. He was a character that one could much more easily relate to and have empathy for. All the SFU characters have me too busy chuckling at how insane they are for me to actually feel much for them.

I think there really was someone in a red sweatshirt on the sidewalk when David was bringing back Nate’s body from the hospital, and David briefly thought it was his abductor. After that, it was all in David’s head. The next time we saw the red sweatshirt was Nate’s memorial service. In Nate’s eulogy, David talked about how Nate had always tried to protect him from bullies. At first, Nate would confront David’s bullies. If that didn’t work, Nate would coach David to shake off the bullies by laughing in their faces. Now, Nate is gone, and can’t protect David, and he’s not able to laugh. The red sweatshirt is the manifestation of David’s fear now that Nate’s not around to protect him.

I’ve always liked the character of Rico (except when he got involved with the stripper), and Freddy does a great job with him. Rico seems like the most real person of the main characters (including his slight homophobia). I keep hoping that he and Vanessa will work it out.

You’re right, there was a panhandler in a red sweatshirt that kicked off the first flashback.

I kept wondering if the red sweat shirt was an homage to The Village or to Schindler’s List since I couldn’t remember a red garment in the episode where David picks the guy up in the van and has a rough time of it for episodes’ worth.

My wife’s observation that each character was only concerned with his or her own feelings and needs seemed right on the money except for Keith who was at least trying to help David over his rough spots, and Ruth’s buddies (Bates and Clarkson were there for Ruth without any obvious needs of their own).

Those kids seem to have calmed down a lot in the few weeks since I wanted them to meet a horrible demise.

I agree that Rico is the closest to “real world” of the main cast.