Boston Public 12/5....spoilers

I realize that this show is a trainwreck, but it still interests me. I didn’t get to see it tonight due to it being finals week and all (Pharmacokinetics sucks!!). That is of course if we don’t get 3 feet of snow here in Beantown. Okay, I’m veering off course.

I was wondering if someone could fill me in on what happened. I managed to catch the last few minutes where Harper was yelling about something and it looked interesting. Thanks!!

I didn’t even realize this show was still on the air.

Hmm…let’s see if I can get it all. I haven’t been following it much lately, so a lot didn’t make much sense to me, but here goes.

Guber finds that someone’s been accessing a “terrorist website” on the library’s computer. The site had a little flash movie of the 9/11 attacks, then a burning flag, then a pic of Osama, etc, and the writing and buttons and everything were in Arabic. Erring on the side of caution, Harper calls the FBI.

A student tells Ronnie Cook she has AIDS.

Danny keeps putting ads in the newspaper looking for the gay kid that’s gone missing.

A woman from the FBI comes in and gets a list of 15 people who used the computer that day. She then calls in the Arabic one (justifying it by saying she wants to talk to the most likely candidate first). He said he’s just curious about his culture and everything. She keeps questioning him and his sister (who also goes to the school).

Ronnie Cook starts up a “Safe Sex Club” to talk about safe sex, since their Sex Ed classes can only talk about abstinence. Harper yells at her to stop because they get federal funding if they only talk about abstinence.

Danny is notified that the morgue thinks they have the kid. He goes down there to see, and it turns out they don’t. On the way out, he runs into the boy’s parents and tells them off (apparently the father beat his son because he’s gay).

Guber catches a kid calling the Arabic kid a “sand monkey” to another kid in the hallway, and suspends him. The teachers don’t like the FBI’s involvement, and Steven’s having second thoughts too. The FBI investigator reminds him that he called them.

Ronnie keeps up with the club, and a parent complains. Steven yells at her and tells her if she doesn’t stop it, she’ll be fired. They argue some more. Then she stops the club.

Danny and the boy’s mother stop by a local shelter and ask around about the boy. A man says he saw him about a week ago. The boy’s mother tells Danny that she’s leaving the boy’s father and getting an apartment.

Someone runs in and tells Guber and Harper that the Arabic kid “stole some chemicals from the art room.” They go out and find him trying to scrub his locker where someone had spraypainted “Terrorist.” The kid’s sister walks out to the bus and people start commenting. “Are you going to blow up one of the buses?” was one, I think. Someone throws a bottle at her feet. Lipschultz comes out and takes her inside, calling all the students around them “animals” and “terrorists.”

The Arabic kids’ father comes in and berates Harper for calling the FBI. Harper said he had hundreds of kids to protect. The father said that he didn’t do a very good job of protecting at least two.

The gay kid comes home and he and his mother have a reunion at Danny’s house.

Harper has a speech about racial tolerance where he says he expects tolerance out of everyone and out of himself. Then he breaks down and walks out.

I think that’s about it. I probably messed the order up and maybe left out a couple things, but those were the basic plotlines I think.

Many thanks,
Like I said, I caught the end where Harper was all emotional and I thought it was something fairly big.

Thanks again for the info. Well my final got postponed for a week, so it’s back to bed for a bit for me. Got another final on Monday to worry about.

Lots of snow out here