Does anybody own OG?

So many times my sentiments have been so perfectly expressed in the elegantly concise phrase, “Og Smash!”.

Yet to me honest, I’ve been to lazy to note any consistancy of the poster(s) who use Og.

Is Og a public domain name here?

And before you say, “Search for it, you lazy bastard!”, you can’t search for “OG”, its too short a string.

You most certainly can search for the string “og smash”. You’ll get a lot of hits on Danish and Norwegian pages, though.

Google says about 103 pages, and on the first four pages about three are relevant out of forty, so I’d guess about 8 have something involving our lovable Og.

He means that Og is too short to search on the SDMB. The whole “Og” thing started in the Pit a few months ago with a troll who repeatedly misspelled “of” as “og.” He was quickly nicknamed Og because of his denseness.

It is not proprietary. It wasn’t even proprietary when I said it, because prior to its posting on the board it was a joke in IRC chat. Feel free to say “Og smash!” whenever applicable.

Og Good! Feel!

Og not eat Dr. Lao, racinchikki!:smiley:

Og hope yojimboguy get tired of this fast!

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

A poster namedogmios registered in Oct. 2000. Maybe s/he will claim it.:slight_smile:
(note his/her sig)

I’m just about to close this thread due to copyright issues, when all of sudden


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