Does anybody recognize these monsters?

These ones. Do you know what movie they’re from? If you do, please tell me, because it’s killing me! :smiley:

Look more like Halloween fright-masks than movie monsters to me.

That is the “Sandywitch” and a monster I can’t remember the name of from the 1986 comedy/horror movie House.

You link calls it a war demon, filling_pages.

True. I just grabbed the first link that seemed to show them. Oddly enough, I watched that film just a few months ago.

Uuu, thank you, filling_pages! This looks awesome! Did you enjoy it?

I did, in a totally cheesy, 80s way. Might be best with a few friends to help you make fun of it.

:smiley: Yeah, in a cheesy way. Don’t tell anyone, but I also like the Evil Dead movies.

The French text above them makes no sense. The top line translates (roughly) as “The small trades of horror”, and the monsters are identified as “Doctors Without Borders” and “Dentist”. (I needed help with the top line, which is why I have the machine translation, but the bottom lines were what made me wonder what it said.)

Worth it just for the line "Yer pissing me off, Rodger…"