Does anybody remember Doghouse Reilly?

All thanks to TubaDiva: I’m baaaack.

I couldn’t go on living the lie. Also, what with all the zombies popping up lately, I found I had a tendency to argue with myself. (which was absolutely never my intention)

So . . . howdy!


Understandable, as you’re a relative newbie.

Welcome back.

Waasn’t he a regular on the Carol Burnett show or something? Big glasses, helmet hair, comedienne?

I remember your name, I always liked it. I didn’t know back then it was from the Raymond Chandler novel/film noir classic, “The Big Sleep”, but then I read the book and said “Oh! That’s where that name came from!” I love it when that happens.

Hmmm…I could have checked here before I ‘guessed’…Oh well…