Does anyone actually know a lottery winner?

I’m just wondering if anyone here personally knows a big winner?

The criteria: You know the big winner by face and by name, and vice versa. You’ve corresponded with each other since the the event. You knew each other prior to the windfall.

Let’s use $100,000 as the criterion for big winner.

Anyone? Buehler?


A co-worker I knew very well won $40,000. Didn’t quite make your cut-off, but this was back in 1983 when the pay-outs were much smaller.

Almost yes. They won $11 million (this was when that was a REAL payout), but they were friends of friends – so I had only met them a few times at parties and gatherings. Still I know them by name and face.

By the way, after they won they bought his and hers Mercedes, moved to a big house in a rich neighborhood and quickly lost touch with all their old friends. That’s what you really wanted to know, wasn’t it?

I understand all the words, they just don’t make sense together like that.

I’m not sure what the point of this question is. Maybe MPSIMS can flesh it out for me…