Does anyone else experience this phenomenon/problem?

For some reason every weirdo, social outcast and crackpot I come into contact with immediately assumes I am their best friend.
Now this isn’t always a bad thing, in fact most of the time it results in humorous occurances. I am just bemused as to why it always seems to happen, especially in the freakish manner it does- take the following cases:

  1. An epileptic drug dealer who enjoys being violent, using drugs (despite the ensuing seizures) and playing the saxaphone lists me as his best friend. Actually this one doesn’t really count as I have known him since we were both about 5.

  2. Anyone remember the 'doper nonpolar? Picture a small asian guy with his linguistic capacity and a hatred for personal hygeine. Who do you think he singled out from a crowd of people he didn’t know and followed around constantly for about a week? that’s right- me! This guy also had a penchant for taking stuff that didn’t belong to him and one day (about a week after he started following me) made the mistake of taking the above-mentioned drug dealer’s ID card.

  3. The Bitching Bosnian (a surly croatian guy who seems to do nothing but mutter under his breath about how much he hates everyone, even when all they say is hi) suddenly starts talking to me and even taking my insults in good nature, but relapses to his old behaviour whenever anyone else is present.

I could go on (and on and on) but I am interested to hear whether anyone else has the same thing happen to them, or can offer an explanation. :dubious:

Well, I would think, first off, you are allowing these people into your life in some way. These people may be so desperate for a good companion they will latch on to anyone who is normal (assuming you are, in some respect) and will pay attention to them.
Also, you’re probably a really nice, tolerant guy/girl, who would be uncomfortable telling these people to get lost or being rude to them in any way unless they hurt you or someone you really love.
Am I wrong?
I realize a lot of people are nice and tolerant who don’t have this problem. Which is why I said the first thing. A lot of nice, tolerant people probably won’t hang out in a place or with a group where these type of weirdos will be.

When anyone approaches a queue with me in it, they always seem to ask me for directions.

But it’s usually polite - perhaps I just look knowledgeable!

Yes, I seem to have some kind of internal weirdo magnet. Most of the “weirdos” who have befriended me are just quirky and harmless, if a bit socially backwards, but I have also attracted some seriously weird people, including a couple of stalkers.

I DO try to be polite and patient, but a friend tells me I have a “glass face” and all my emotions are easily read, so you’d think the dim smile and the eyeroll would signal these people that I am not interested, but apparently not. And while I go places where weirdos might congregate (the Renaissance faire, for example) I also manage to find the weirdos at PTA meetings, the grocery store and Target.

I mentioned in a post some time ago that if I am one of a large group of people out on the street strangers will always approach me for directions. This was a little while after an incident where a workmate was walking behind me from the office to the train station. He thought it was really funny that every single panhandler approached only me out of the mob of people walking in the same direction.

I get the self-obsessed, manipulative narcissists (people like my mother). They can pick me out of a crowd. They can find me on a message board. My detector is set so high that I’m suspicious of everyone, but they still manage to lure me in somehow. I must be wearing a neon sign, but I don’t know how to turn it off.

It must happen to lots of people or I would never have found the button that says “There’s one in every crowd, and they always find ME!”

Sadly, you sound just like my best friend Sufia.

She too is a lovely soul, kind and well-spoken. (Hmmm, maybe that is the start of the problem here)

Basically you have a magnetic personality. Unfortunately it’s the nut-magnet kind.
(kidding, kidding! Stop it!)

I think that really nice people get taken advantage of by some of these lost/crazy/emotionaly vampiric people out there.

Obviously, you a freak god. All they’re doing is giving to you the worship you so richly deserve.
a Similar happens thing to me a lot. One of my friends told me it was the eye contact thing. I make unembarrassed eye contact with everyone I see, apparantly. Puts off some people, is some sort of invitation to others.

Not so much with the weirdos but I attract children. Really. Children under 6 just flock to me like I’m some sorta pied piper. (And being child free by choice it’s kinda strange.) Once I sat down in the mall and this little boy crawls up in my lap and snuggles. I start looking for the owner/parent and there is no one around. A couple of minutes later, the kid is asleep and this woman comes running out of nearby store. She sees me, sees her child asleep, and says, “Oh good. Just stay right there, I’ll be right back.” :dubious: I didn’t know this woman from Adam’s housecat. (Seems Junior had crawled out of the changing rooms, out of the store and onto me before she noticed.) She did eventually come get her child.

Maybe it’s like cats; they only want to be near those who don’t want it.

I don’t know about this whole 'nice guy" theory guys. I’m an asshole and I still get the weirdo’s wanting to talk to me all the time. Admittably though I probably bring some of it on myself because like the OP, I talk to these people MOST of the time because of the entertainment value.

Like the last guy who talked to me was this dude who said he knew Gene Rodenberry (sp?) personally. He also went on to tell me that Nasa has been experimenting with warp feild drive engines. :rolleyes: To which I had to tell him. “You realize what your saying is absolutely absurd right?” I also told him “Dude get a grip. I like Star Trek too but I now it aint’ fucking real. I mean come on, you know better than that guy…” He then gets all indignent and tells me I’m just a close minded prick.

[shrugs] Whatever…

Thanks for the ideas ppl. In response to Pussycow’s idea about not saying ‘get lost’ blatantly, I guess it is pretty much true. This is mainly because the bizarre things they say/do are pretty funny, but also because I did once resort to doing this and the exchange went something like:
me: Get lost. Seriously, you’re really pissing everyone off and no-one wants you around (or words to that effect)
him: hahaha! Good one man- you really crack me up. Wanna hear another creepy anecdote?*
No amount of reiterating this would convince him this wasn’t a joke!

*And/or other unwholesome activity(s)

To some extent, it might happen to me. Anyway, I’ve an explanation : most probably, it’s plainly because you’re listening to them and allow them to stay around you, while most people would ignore them or send them packing.

A lot of weirdos are quite lonely and will jump on any chance of socializing with anybody.

I think this is it. I can sometimes give you a look that says, “it would be best to stay the fuck away from me today!”, and other times I give a polite look and everyone I come into contact with wants to “chat”.

I almost always give those people at the malls that evil look (the ones who want me to take a poll or some other useless shit). We make eye contact, they see me, and go after some other mindless soul. It’s not that I’m hideous, I swear! I just keep them in check like that.

Jus a wuge goo forg amapa eh?


Jus a wuge goo forg amapa eh?

Er, yes.

Isa ma org ferml upsy ova mi boogle o.


Isa ma org ferml upsy ova mi boogle o.

Umm, yes.


right. I’m just going to take this tray of melons out. See you.

Above is a typical conversation with the geordie weirdo who attached himself to me as a friend in my former job. I don’t think he had any mental disability, I just couldn’t ever understand a sodding word he said. It wasn’t a foreign language I know that. It was just Geordie with all the English taken out.
When I first met him I persivered and tried many times to make sense, but after a while I just made do with saying ‘yes’ on the basis that it is a likely valid response to any particular sentence. Suuuurely he knew no-one could understand him. I hope he did/does.

yeah, but… until he replaces that VISOR with real looking ocular implants… I’m just saying.