Does anyone else remember this beautiful music from a 2003 "Prego" commercial?

I searched for this for years and finally found it on YouTube. The Prego spaghetti sauce commercial was on the air in 2003. There were so many people calling and requesting info and hoping for more of it that they actually decided to record a longer version. It was composed by David Horowitz. It is so emotional and evocative. You can almost imagine a narrative to go with it.

A couple of YouTube viewer comments:
“Why the hell does this piece make me physically feel things?”
“This is my “sad song” when I think of my Dad or pets who have left me…”

I don’t remember it, but yes it is very pleasant, in a drippy, overly sentimental sort of way.

Sounds like movie soundtrack stuff to me.

That almost sounds like a revision of Bach’s “Air On The G String.” Here’s my own personal favorite rendition of that.

On a similar note, in the 1990s, there was a piano-only tune that I would occasionally hear on PBS docos, public service announcements, and occasionally a religious-themed commercial. I have never been able to find the title of that, or who performs it, and can’t recall hearing it since around 2000.


It is definitely reminiscent of Air, another piece I absolutely love. Who says Bach’s music isn’t emotional?

Indeed it sounds to me very much like a piece from a movie, such as that piece from Schindler’s List. Still, nice to hear, so thanks for introducing me to it.

The piece is somewhat similar to certain classical pieces, such as Shostakovich’ Romance from The Gadfly or Bruch’s Romance for Viola.

You are right on both of those! Thank you for telling me about them.