Does *anyone* else watch CSI:Miami but not CSI?

I tried watching CSI during it’s first season, and I didn’t like it. The episodes I watched had predictible endings, and I just didn’t find the cast engaging.

However, I decided to give CSI:Miami a shot, because I already liked the male cast members. David Caruso was in some movies I’d seen before the season started; Rory Cochrane, Mr. Indie movie himself, was in my favorite comedy; Adam Rodriguez was in “Roswell”…and none of the women on the show annoyed me overly much in the pilot. After I watched the first episode, I kept watching, and I haven’t missed an episode. A few weeks back I decided to give CSI another shot, and I still don’t like it.

So, I know there are many CSI fans who grumble about how much they dislike CSI:Miami, but are there are other dopers who prefer CSI:Miami?

I am just the opposite. I never miss CSI but after trying three episodes of CSI: Miami, I dropped it like a hot rock. The characters are cardboard cut-outs, the acting is horrible and the incredibly exaggerated opulence of the Miami PD CSI lab stretches my WSOD too far.

I like them both, mainly because there is a plot in each episode. (I also like Law and Order + The West Wing for the same reason.)

Alas there seems to be an unending stream of shallow TV programs and films. Cop shows where the hero has to fight his superior over a case (usually handing over his badge and gun at some point.) Specialist US forces performing undiplomatic rescues abroad. People with handguns shooting snipers (who have telescopic sights on their rifles).

Also I’m a geek and Grissom is my hero!

I’m with ya, elfkin477. If someone else happens to have left the TV on and CSI: Regular comes on, I’ll watch it, but that’s about it.

I like Miami a lot better. In comparison, the Vegas crew seems like Miami’s older, boring, less easy sister.

CSI MIAMI is a pretender. . . and not a good one. Don’t like David Caruso. Don’t like Emily Procter. Don’t like Khandi Alexander and her way of sweet-talking corpses (Give me a break!) Don’t like the orange filters that are supposed to make me feel hot and sweaty. Give me dark and broody CSI any day, but make sure George Eads is in the show!

I think they did a good job making the two shows different, but I think that’s why people don’t watch both. I think it comes down to Grissom vs. Horatio. They’re totally different, and if you like one you probably won’t like the other.

Myself, I watch CSI but not CSI: Miami, since I can’t stand Horatio. I hate the way he stands there and watches the autopsies on his gore monitor, it’s like he’s enjoying it, it’s creepy. I also hate how he tries to be all philosophical about the dead people, almost like he’s putting on a show of pretending to care. I tried to watch the most recent episode with the dead spring break girl on the beach, but after he said something like “She came to have the time of her life, not to end her life” I was annoyed and changed the channel.

Grissom, I like. He forces an emotional detatchment while on the job, and works solely from evidence. He also has this dark humor that I like, or he’ll point out the irony in someone’s death rather than acting like he’s learned a life lesson from it. I also think the supporting characters are better. Worick, Sarah and the weird geeky lab guy are my favorites.

I enjoy “Ho” for the unintentional comedy factor. Caruso was born to stick out his chest, put a little extra breath into his voice, squint into the middle distance and say something completely ridiculous.

Grissom is the man. His badassness comes not from attitude or voice-gravel, but from knowledge and persistence. Thant’s cool.

I actually like both shows but the original has it by a mile for me.

I agree. Miami is worth watching, but Vegas is a better show.

Nope. I tried watching a couple of Miami shows. While the original sometimes fudges on the science, the Miami plots were incredible and impossible, a total violation of what the original show was about. That and the awful acting keeps me from ever turning it on.

Can’t get into the Miami one, but have seen some of the other, and liked it. I prefer Law and Order Criminal Intent and Crossing Jordon. But haven’t seen much of any lately. Saw Vincent D’Onofrio play Abbey Hoffman, and since then, really like the actor. I digress…

Naw, I actually do like both, but I prefer Vegas. Grissom is just more intriguing for me than Horatio (what is with that name anyway ;)).

I watch CSI: Miami but not the original. I caught Miami once and enjoyed it, so I kept watching but I’ve never bothered with CSI. My only beef with the show is the CHEESY lines Horatio gets right before the credits air. They make me cringe. But overall I dig it.

I watch both and enjoy the originial much more than Miami. I do think Miami is getting better as the season goes on. They did have some really stupid plot lines but they seem to be getting more realistic. I also really hate the way Khandi Alexander talks to the corpses.

I loved CSI from day one and loved the “Cross Jurisdictions” episode. Never having been to Las Vegas or Miami I am fascinated by the scenery, sights, vignettes etc etc. In the orgininal I like all of the characters except for Sarah (Jorja Fox). She gives me the irrits & I hate the way she talks and her down-turned mouth. I luv Greg (Eric Szmanda) in the DNA lab though. Babe-a-licious. CSI: Miami grew on me. I’ve never missed an episode of either series. Initially I hated all the characters but now I like Horatio (as for his name, apparently his mother named him after a famous author, or so he told that little girl who he found hiding in the bushes). Horatio Dresser perhaps? Can’t really remember. I luv Calleigh too. Her accent is cool. Can’t stand how the coroner chats to the D.B.'s. Corny as. I’m sure most coroner’s would distance themselves from the “human element” to help them get thru the job.
Anyway, both series make me wanna visit the USA ASAP, & definitely Vegas & Miami will be on the itinerary!! :slight_smile: