Does anyone have a quiet toaster oven?

On work mornings, I like to make things for breakfast in our toaster oven. The problem is that my wife is a light sleeper who doesn’t have to get up when I do, and our toaster oven is freakin’ LOUD! When I set the timer, it ticks down loudly, then rings a bell when done.

Does anyone have a toaster oven that doesn’t do these annoying things? If so, what brand and model?

This would be a wonderful thing to have. I’ll be watching this thread closely to see if anyone has any recommendations. I’m in need of a toaster oven myself and would really like a quiet one.

I never use the timer on my toaster oven. I just set it to “on” and then set another kitchen timer.

Do you have bedroom doors made of cardboard or something?

No advice, sorry.

I agree. The OP is only complaining about noise from the timer. So use another one. (I use the microwave oven as a timer but you can buy a little electronic timer for about ten bucks.)

Edited to add, or buy a new toaster oven that doesn’t have a mechanical timer but instead has a digital one. (There are several on Amazon.)

They might as well be. The house (we just moved into) was renovated and they took off all the carpeting to highlight the hardwood floors. But the doors had been cut for the carpet, so there are giant gaps between the bottom of the door and the floor.

Plus when I say she’s a light sleeper, I am understating the case. We had to switch from a humidifier to a vaporizer because when the humidifier would make that barely noticeable “blurp” sound as it ran, THAT woke her up.

a timer that shuts the oven off is a great safety feature. if it is a mechanical spring driven timer it needs strength to move the switch.

put pillow over wife’s head.

I usually just pay attention to it. Mine starts making some clicking noises about 20 seconds before it pops and I walk over to it and put my hand over the lever so it only pops about a half inch (into my hand) and I can raise it the rest of the way myself…quietly.

I like the digital idea; our toaster oven is old enough that it probably should be replaced. But I don’t want to buy it without making sure it’s quiet. I see Sears has a digital one and will check it out. If it’s good, I’ll report back so Drew knows if it is worth his time.



We have an InfraWave toaster oven that I got at Ollie’s. It’s a Black & Decker, digital, and only beeps at the halfway mark and when it’s done. It’s also a rotisserie oven and is big enough to cook a 12" pizza, so it may be bigger than you want. But it is quiet.

What are you doing to your toast, irradiating it? Do you use special glasses and an a reflective apron when you go near that thing? It looks like a smelter.

My intention is not to be snide, I really think this might help. I’d recommend that your wife try foam earplugs. I have been using them for a couple of years and it’s made a world of difference in my sleep.

I can be no help in the toaster oven department, I just saw an opportunity to sing the praises of earplugs.

LOL, no. I rarely make toast in it at all. But it kills at making pizza! I can get pot pies in half the time, too.