Does anyone have a shower with a right angle shower curtain rod?

I’m working on a bathroom overhaul, and it looks like I will end up with a corner shower. I’ve been looking at right angle shower curtain rods. The ones I’ve seen in stores are supported at the ends, but not in the middle. The shower will be approx 4’x5’.

I’m a bit nervous about an unsupported corner in the middle of a 9’ shower curtain. Does anyone have something similiar, and is the bracket/rod pair sturdy enough to keep this set up from becoming wobbly?

Id do a ceiling support if it were mine. American Bath Factory has good quality surround rods like you are looking for.

Mine is about that long; it has a thin chain with a large circle helping support it, but so long as you don’t pull on the curtain those are unnecesary IME. They’re more for psychological than physical support. My grandmother’s is that big, no supporting chain.

Yep. I propped it up below the corner with a length of pvc.

you can get circular and U shaped rod assemblies for free standing or 2/3 side exposed tubs. there are ceiling supports in these and right angles.

you could maybe use this assembled to fit your space.

I put one in my daughter’s bathroom and it seems to be quite sturdy. It has rod at the bend that connects it to the ceiling for extra support (see here). It’s been up for a few years and we have had no problems even though my daughters are not gentle.

I see lots of you recommending the ceiling hanging supports. Don’t those interfer with pulling the shower curtain the whole length of the rod? Does that mean you need a curtain for each side of the support?

Wouldn’t the right angle interfere with pulling the shower curtain? Can you install a quarter round shower curtain rod instead?

you might be able to have 2 shorter curtains and unclip and overlap the ends.

You can get shower rods with a grove cut in the bottom and instead of having rings around the bar, something rides inside the hollow rods to glide the curtain. Though personally I think those kinds of rods are apt to stick more. We have a regular tub with a shower rod along one side and the end away from the faucets. It has a ceiling support. We use a curtain and a half with the half just staying permanently over then end

I have one of those: a thick metal bar with a rectangular cross-section and a rail in its bottom. It actually cane as a pair of straight bars that I then connected and bent to the shape I needed. It’s attached to the wall very sturdily at both ends - far more sturdily than any ordinary shower rod I’ve ever had - and not only can it handle the weight without a center support, I usually drape a wet towel over it as well, with no observable sagging. It also lets the curtain move as fast as any other rod, with no sticking.

Admittedly, it was significantly more expensive than a standard shower rod, but given my experience with it’s predecessors (which ended up collapsing on a weekly basis), it was definitely worth it.

My shower rod is not fastened to walls, only to the (drywall) ceiling. I don’t think it would hold it if my son would hang from the shower curtain, but otherwise it has held up fine for the past five years.

You don’t really need to pull the curtain back from the short end - consider that most people have a non-pull-backable wall there. The ceiling support is generally at the bend, near the end of the tub.

When I had one like this, yes, I used two curtains. One went on the end and just around the corner two holes’ worth, so there was no corner gap. The last ring (on the long side) also held the first hole of the second shower curtain, which then ran the length of the tub. No gaping, and it pulled back to the corner just like any other tub. The end of the curtain was hidden in the folds, so it just looked like I had one really long curtain in there.

But yes, it did have the ceiling support. Like others have said, it was more a psychological and an “in case” thing. If you looked closely, the rod didn’t even touch the ring unless you grabbed it and pulled down. It was not actually weight bearing at rest.

My shower is a corner shower, so the curtain rod/curtain will make up 2 of the walls, rather than have a glass walled enclosure. It’s part of making a zero threshold shower.

Ah, I see. So how long is it on a side? The rod, I mean. We may be talking about a much smaller/lighter rod than your standard freestanding tub surround, then. That may make a difference as far as support needed to the middle.

Approx. 60" x 48"
So shorter but deeper than a standard bathtub surround.
We’re still under construction, so I don’t have the exact dimensions yet.