Seeking quarter-round corner shower stall

My landlord needs to install a new shower stall for my bathroom. It’s a tiny bathroom.

I was in a motel once where the shower stall was like a quarter of a pie, with a curved rod for the curtain. I cannot find one anywhere.

Home Depot has the ones that are like a quarter of a stop sign, with glass doors, but this will not do, for a couple reasons there’s no point in getting into.

Can anyone help me find such an animal? Thanks in advance.

There’s this swanky one, but it’s not cheap.

I’ve got this one in a yurt (small, small space).

Yeah, I saw the first one; that’s why I didn’t want glass doors, just curtain. And the second one: no drain? or curtain rod? what’s the setup?

I think the 2nd one is just a model. Before the drain and rod is installed. But damn that is SMALL! How are you supposed to have sex in that? :confused:

You might have better luck looking for this in three parts: the curved curtain rod, the wallcovering (if the wall isn’t tiled or otherwise waterproofed), and the shower tray. Here’s a page with a quarter-round shower tray (found by Googling for “shower tray”), for example.

Here’s one in the US on Amazon, standard shipping make the 1st one come out cheaper.

Here’s one in Hong Kong, which I couldn’t get to work but it was a bit cheaper [w/o fast shipping],searchweb201644_4_505_506_503_504_502_10014_10001_10002_10016_10017_10010_10005_10011_10006_10003_10004_10009_10008,searchweb201560_2,searchweb1451318400_-1,searchweb1451318411_6448&btsid=5952702e-7ce7-414b-a445-99436337d5e2#magnet-ads

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