does anyone have an old brick-style cell phone still?

this thread is for all the pack rats out there…
I’m looking for a brick-style, Zach Morris, 1980’s-early 90’s cell phone that has no use anymore… I don’t care if it works or not, if you have a charger and it does work, even better.

I’m not looking for a flip phone, although I will consider it.

I’m looking for something similar to this

if you have it, let me know. I want to buy it off of you. Truthfully! I have paypal, check, money order, cash,

hell, ill even clean your house

I found them on eBay that they are about $35, minimum, with shipping and that is ridiculous for a phone that doesn’t even work. Making me an offer, show me what you got and hopefully I can take it off your hands!!

Why? you ask. its a prop in a play that we are doing :slight_smile: needless to say functionality is not of the utmost importance

I will take care of all the dirty work, and you’ll just need to find and ship it… I won’t complain about how it’s shipped either (feel free to use bubble wrap just because I enjoy popping it)

I hope this thread gets responses soon! we’re On a tight budget!

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