New, cheep cell-phone?

I recently broke my cell phone by dropping it, and now have to unfortunate task of having to buy a new one, since my warenty was voided. My phone was a Motorolla V330, a phone I bought based on the fact that it had Bluetooth and was of decent construction. My question is, does anyone know of a place I can get a good phone with the following features, for under $100?

[li]Sim card, so that I can actually continue to use my t-mobile plan.[/li][li]Bluetooth. Not a must, but I’d like it, since my headset and computer take it.[/li][li]No camera/video/mp3 playing crap. I have a digital camera, I have an mp3 player, i don’t need my phone to do all that, thank you very much.[/li][li]Small-ish[/li][li]Caller ID[/li][li]Not necessarily one of the well-known brands (Motorola, Nokia, etc)[/li][li]Alarm clock / calendar functions[/li][/ul]

Flip phone or block phone, decent construction, and not horribly ugly would also be nice. So, in your opinions, does such a phone exist, where could I find one, and what is the best price value?

Thanks.-- Adrian

Sigh. And like an idiot I misspelled cheap. So much for a college education…

I won’t toot my own horn but I have a couple to T-Mobile compatible phones currently on Ebay for less than $20 each that fit your description. A search should find them and many others.