Does anyone here commute from Newark to NYC

I’m considering interviewing for a job in Newark, and Ideally I’d like to live in NYC if I’m going that far east for a job. As you might guess, this Texas boy has no idea about what commuting is like up there - and I would not expect to be able to keep my car if living in NYC. So can anyone give me an idea of what the commute is like?


This is perhaps a stupid question, but why do you want to live in NYC if the job is in Newark? Seems like a big waste of time. Housing is much more affordable in Newark, you will be able to keep your car, and NYC is very accessable.

The PATH Train connects downtown Newark to the WTC area in lower Manhattan. You can also transfer at Journal Square for the train up to Penn Station, which gets you to a whole mess of subways to get all over NYC. I haven’t ridden the PATH in ages, but as I recall it takes about 20 minutes for the Newark to WTC run. That of course does not include platform waiting and the time taken to get to and from the station on both ends.

Well, Mrs. Pash and I have always wanted to live in NYC. This is the closest I’ve been able to come to the city as far as jobs interviews go, and wanted to get some feedback.

As to why the city? We have no kids and no pets (with no plans for either), and are the kind of people who would take advantage of everything the city has to offer culturally. I’m not desperate for a new job, and we live in the suburbs now - so the idea of moving to another suburb for another (boring) job just doesn’t excite us, ya know? I know we could live close to the city, but it just wouldn’t be the same. We want to live where the action is!

And thanks for the info and the link!

friedo hit the nail on the head. Commuting from NYC from Newark is just like commuting from any other borough (i.e. not bad at all, if you can get over the ribbings–to use an All My Sons phrase–you’ll receive for not “being a real New Yorker”.

Okay, upon preview I see your response. Let me just say that I also lived in Texas for awhile, and you have to keep in mind that things up here just aren’t spread out like they are down there. Newark (and Jersey City and Hoboken) are literally less than a mile from NYC, and but a simple train ride for a buck-fifty to either WTC or 33rd St. in Manhattan. So, you get cheaper rent and more than a hole in the wall, but you’re still “where the action is”. So unless you can pay upwards of $2,000 a month for rent, it’s really a pretty good option.

The train trip’s about 20 minutes, either on PATH (to downtown) or NJTransit (to Penn Station, in Midtown.) PATH trains are cheaper, but neither ticket is hugely expensive. There are also buses to Port Authority (also in Midtown), but I’ve never ridden those and can’t tell you much about 'em. NJTransit’s a pretty good system, IMHO, although it’s getting more and more crowded every year. They run every five to twenty minutes, depending on what time of day you’re talking about, and tend to be reasonably prompt and well maintained.

Newark itself isn’t the loveliest of cities, although it’s definitely better than it used to be, and some neighborhoods are respectable. (Some of it’s pretty blighted, though.) The rent would be way, way cheaper than Manhattan, and about the same as a commute from Brooklyn. (It’s actually quicker than it is for me to get into Manhattan from the Bronx!)

One thing to consider is that if you do get a job in Newark and live in Manhattan (which you and your wife ought to do if that’s your wish and you can afford it), it might behoove you to keep your car.

I commuted out to NJ for a few years - much farther out than Newark, though - and keeping my car in the city was easy because I would leave for work before the street cleaning rules kicked in and would get home long after they were over. Street cleaning rules are what dictate alternate side of the street parking, BTW.

If your job is just a few steps from the train or bus, then there’d probably be no point in using the car.

Good luck with your interview!

One thing to consider is where in Newark your job will be. If it is in downtown Newark, near Newark Penn Station, commuting should be no problem whatsoever. If it is in the Gateway Plaza group of office buildings, it is connected by bridges to Penn Station itself.

From the City to Newark, you have two main options, the PATH trains or NJ Transit. PATH is $1.50 each way, about a 25 minute ride from 33rd and Sixth, and requires a change of trains at Journal Square. You also can take it from the World Trade Center stop, which is a bit quicker and no changes are required.

NJT is a bit more expensive ($3.30 for a one way ticket, but I think you can get cheaper commuter tickets), but it is only 15 minutes from New York Penn Station (32nd & Seventh) and a direct shot.

Good luck.

My father worked at Prudential HQ in Newark. He commuted there from Brooklyn for 20 years. Hop on a Path train, and bingo, you’re there in no time.

I would try to avoid working if Newark if you possibly can. Newark is an ugly and dangerous city with few attractions. I’ve interviewed for two jobs there and was depressed just walking around the downtown Penn Station area. The chief virtue of Newark is that it is very close to Manhattan.

You’re better off working in Manhattan if you can possibly swing it. The shopping, food and entertainment are infinitely better there.