Fastest or Cheapest Way From Newark Airport to NYC

What’s the fastest and/or cheapest way to get from the Newark Airport to downtown New York City? Do they have a train or something? How much does it cost?

Here is a page with all of the different ground transportation options between Newark International Airport (EWR) and Manhattan.

There are various train options, but they all involve at least one transfer (from the AirTrain to Amtrak or NJ Transit, and again at Newark Penn Station if you want to take PATH into Manhattan). Your best solution will depend on exactly where in Manhattan you want to end up. It looks as though it’s going to cost you ~$13 one-way in any case.

Cheapest, probably: PATH train to Newark, then transfer to the shuttle bus that goes from Newark Penn Station* to the airport itself.

  • no, I don’t know why they thought it was a good idea to name more than one major train station on the same bloody train line “Penn Station”.

Take the Airtrain to the NJ Transit train and ride that all the way to Penn Station in NYC. There is no need to switch to the Path train. You can buy a ticket at a machine in the airport.
I think they are called Penn station for the Penn. RR.
There are also shuttle buses from the airport to NYC Port Authority.

Both are easy, if you take the train just be sure to keep your ticket to show to the train conductor.

This is the option I recommend. The Airtrain that takes you to NJ Transit station is the same monorail that takes passengers to the various long-term parking lots - it is directly connected to the airport terminal. (Actually, bolted on to the back of the terminal) They’ve made it pretty easy. Look for somone wearing a red jacket if you need help.