Does anyone here have strong opinions on TV dinners?

Great, but either you’re shopping for dinner or you have a fillet, carrots, mushrooms, broth and potatoes in the refrigerator or pantry. The advantage of a frozen meal is that they’re there, ready to be prepared even if the larder is otherwise empty. And sometimes you’re too exhausted even to spend the thirty minutes to make the meal you suggested.

What @Dewey_Finn said. Or, instead of too tired, have too much to do that standing in front of the stove it time taken away from something that needs to be done.

When the Kids Cuisine came out, it was a boon to my household. We were living in the sticks. By the time we got home after work and school, it was almost always after 6pm. Knowing there was homework to help my kid with, bathtime, cleaning/straightening up all to be done before 9, they were ingested probably more frequently than they should have. I would try to make real dinners and get her involved, but our kitchen was a small, dark galley where you couldn’t be at the sink and hope to open the fridge or the stove. Luckily, she quite liked them since she picked out what she wanted, so she was allowed decision making responsibilities.

She was feeling nostalgic a while ago and picked one up. I was scolded for ever letting her have “that crappy bland crap”.

I grew up with the aluminum Swanson’s dinners and pot pies (when the pot pies were on sale for .15c, my mom would buy a bunch of them). Were they great? No. Edible? Frequently better than my mom’s cooking, sadly.

Well yes - I discovered that I had to plan ahead, buy some stuff fresh and have some stuff in the freezer. Just like I had to buy frozen dinners and put them in the freezer. Oh yeah, the portions in the frozen dinners are miniscule,

The “I’m to tired/busy” argument is a cop out. Toss a couple of sweet potatoes in the oven and fry some Spam slices or pile stuff on a tortilla, pour on some salsa,. pile on shredded cheese and stick it in the oven. Hey, canned asparagus and spam on toast with quickie hollandaise sauce beats a frozen dinner!

An exception is Stouffers stuffed peppers once in a while.

Why? I can make stuffed peppers faster and better myself! All you need to do is plan ahead! Make a triple batch and freeze some for later! [/sarcasm]

Does anyone else so this?

Sometimes when I’m out of freezer space I’ll take a TV dinner, put it in the fridge, and then eat something in the freezer to make room for me to put the TV dinner back in, usually within 12 hours.

Is it harmful to allow the TV dinner to defrost before putting it back in the freezer? I know most TV dinners have a warning about how not to cook it while it’s defrosted but is it bad to refreeze?

Yeah. but I just can’t seem to get stuffed peppers right.(serious)

The big, cheap OnCor “veal parmigiana” is great for when one is in a somewhat masochistic mood–enough sodium to kill a blue whale.

Brings back a sad memory from 1988. I was on the outs with my girl friend but I foolishly believed we’d reconcile. Thanksgiving was approaching. I got invites from people to come over for Thanksgiving dinner (my folks lived in another state and I really didn’t have the days off to take some time to travel) but I kept politely declining because I was sure I was going to get “that call”. It got to within a week of Thanksgiving and no call. Still hopeful but with faith cracking I decided to buy a “backup” dinner by getting a Swanson Turkey TV dinner, just in case,because I didn’t want to be “that guy” who buys a turkey TV dinner the night before Thanksgiving. Well, no call ever came; I was stuck alone in my apartment with a crappy TV dinner and a football game on TV that I couldn’t care less about. I’ve never eaten another TV dinner since.