Only if one is forced to: What do you think is the best microwave frozen food?

My family is out of town, for medical or vacation reasons, so I got my favorite frozen tacos at the store, I noticed then that there are now White Castle[sup]TM[/sup] frozen burgers! I did not get them, but I was curious to know if others have tried them.

So, what do you consider is the best microwaveable (sp?) frozen food out there?

Pizza Hot Pockets and corn dogs are my favorites.

I’m fond of Uncle Ben’s rice bowls, particularly the teriyaki chicken. I’m aldo fond of any chicken/turkey pot pies.

White Castles aren’t bad, but pretty much any burrito and Mama Celeste’s Pizza-For-One are the best. (The pizza is better in a conventional oven, though)

The Marie Callender’s frozen meals are really good, if somewhat expensive and complicated to make.

Of course, being a college student, I tend to eat the Banquet meals that are usually on sale for a buck apiece at my local grocery store.

The chicken teriyaki rice bowls from Uncle Ben are really good. Also there’s a veggie lasagna that’s quite yummy, though I can’t remember who makes it.

Amy’s makes a good veggie lasagna. I think my personal favorite is Kahiki eggrolls, though.

Boston Market frozen meals are quite good, about as close to homemade as you can get.

If I’m thinking of the same veggie lasagna that ** Abby ** speaks of, it is pretty good. I want to say it’s made by Michelangelo’s, or something similar, though I could be way off.

Ham and Cheese Croissant Pockets.

Jose Ole tacos (so bad they’re good!).

You can fix Marie’s dinners in the microwave, but putting them in the oven results in superior taste.

Bacon is one of the best things fixed in the microwave.

I’m getting ready to grill a T-bone, which I’ll accompany with some microwaved Green Giant veggies, all of which are great. I’ve a few to choose from, but looking in on the selection just now I think it’ll be the roasted potatoes with broccoli and cheese sauce.

Cost is less of a factor than ease of preparation, so I consume a lot of frozen stuff. For a quick meal, Budget Gourmet selections work, and all you have to wash is a fork.

I think you are thinking of Michelina’s. Not really very good at all for the most part, but definitely worth the 4/$5 deal I get down at the grocery store.

You know Ringo, you are right: I was forgetting my veggies! That indeed could qualify as the BMFF health wise.
[sub]All this is making me hungry, so I am going to the kitchen, will be back later with my 1000th post! [/sub]

I know I already posted something different. But I agree with kniz bacon is best and most frequently microwaved thing we have around here.

Yesterday I had the most scrumptous BLT, with nuked bacon, lettuce, home grown garden tomato and lettuce on toasted homemade wheat with mayo.

Uncle Ben’s makes a great Veggie Lasagna Bowl, but for some reason my supermarket stopped carrying them 2 weeks ago. Boohoo! The cheese is super good, and they have chopped tomatoes. yummy.

The great thing is that they taste just as good from the microwave, because they aren’t supposed to be crunchy at all.

Leftovers :smiley:

It’s definitely not Michelina’s. I know cause I eat those all the time. They’re definitely not bad for what they cost, my favorite is the Lasagna Alfredo. Yum.
[sub] off to the kitchen [/sub]

Popsicles or, maybe, ice cream.

Hot Pockets/Croissant Pockets/Lean Pockets/PocketyThingsFullOfFood. They’re GOOD, and so many varieties it’s hard to get bored of them.

Pot Pies. Despite their disturbingly low pot content, they’re very good and cheap, and come out of the microwave more or less edible. Swanson’s Pot Pies are the best. Anything by Banquet sucks, as far as I’ve ever been able to tell. Your tastes may vary of course.

Michelina’s frozen dinners are pretty good. I was working at one of those annoy-you-with-a-clipboard-in-the-mall survey places when they did taste-tests on those before coming onto the market. I lived off them for weeks when the survey was over and we got to take home BAGS of them, in plain white containers. Definitely worth the price then, and nearly worth the $1.25 or so you can get them for in the stores.

Frozen Burritos. 3/$1 or so. Patio is a good brand but it’s hard to go too wrong with something like a burrito. I mean, come on, it’s a burrito, you’re not eating health food, and no matter how good it is you are going to have some…er… discomfort, eventually. But damn they’re tasty!!

I steer clear of microwaving frozen pizza, even the kind that says you are supposed to. I guess I’m a pizza purist… the cheese on top has to be just slightly burnt, not merely melted. Oven all the way. Or just call someone for delivery. Never microwave.

The same goes for french fries. I’ve seen but never tried those microwavable fries and I can’t imagine they’d be good. It’s hard enough to oven-bake fries and have them come out right. Deep fry those suckers, I say!!

There are all kinds of frozen foods in the ‘appetizer’ section that microwave pretty well. Stuff like pizza rolls, pizza bagels, eggrolls, buffalo wings, etc. Do some experimenting, you’ll find something you like.

I tend to avoid microwavable items with bread in… stuff like frozen burgers and hot dogs, sandwiches, pretzels. Microwaves do weird things to bread, and I don’t like it. Too rubbery for me.

I dislike grocery shopping, so I tend to buy freezer food. It lasts until I get around to wanting to eat it, and thanks to the microwave, it’s faster than driving to a drive-thru. But of course it’s not all that tasty, no matter what you do, and not particularly healthy. Man Cannot Live By Freezer Food Alone.

Oh, and I forgot to mention my personal favorite: Stouffer’s Frozen Lasagna. Family size. Takes forever to microwave that sucker, but it’s worth it! MMMMMM!