Only if one is forced to: What do you think is the best microwave frozen food?

Do you write copy? :slight_smile:

El Charrito Mexican Style Dinner, without a doubt.

Stauffers Lasagna with meat sauce. I’d starve if it wasn’t for that stuff. Staufferrs Grandma’s chicken with rice bake is a close second.

Stoufers cream chipped beef.

Also, if you like mussels, I found a brand of mussels that steams just like the cream chipped beef does, and they are exceptional.

Nuke ‘em for 5 mins in the bag and they steam right open. Seasoned to perfection and lots o’ suace for dippin’.

Trader Joe’s has the best frozen food selection, bar none.

Partial microwave prep—Stouffer’s french bread pizza. You thaw it in the microwave for a couple of minutes, then bake it the oven for another 5-7 minutes. Sprinkle some shredded mozarella cheese prior to baking, or use shredded parmesan (not that crap in the green tubes) and you got yourself a nice dinner.

I don’t usually do frozen food, but I have to admit I’ve gotten addicted to the Green Guru Indian meals lately, especially the channa masala.

Spicy Beef frozen burritos are good. If I’m feeling inspired, they get an extra few minutes in the toaster oven for crunching up, but they’re fine right out of the microwave.

Stouffer’s macaroni and cheese. All. The. Way.

For the vegetarians:

Morningstar Farms - their veggie corn dogs and veggie bacon are quite tasty.

For the vegetarians:

Morningstar Farms - their veggie corn dogs and veggie bacon are quite tasty.

Dammit!!! Hung-over hamsters.

Tyson’s (or any brand of) Chicken Patties, or nuggets.

Rarely do we use the microwave oven for anything other than steaming veggies. But, sometimes, we’re just too drunk to safely operate the stove and too hungry to really care how the chicken tastes. Just cover them in honey-mustard sauce and they’re OK

Delimex Frozen Taquitos are incredibly awesome and comprised my diet for several summers.

Right now I’m on frozen burritos because they are so cheap. We get them four for a dollar, twelve dollars at a time. Tina’s is the brand we get, but there are some really bad flavors in that brand, especially the Chicken. I stick with the green-colored package, but I’m not sure what flavor it is. The dark red is pretty good too if I remember correctly.

I love Pepperidge farm pot pies from the microwave. This is one of the only foods that is actually improved by the microwave experience. It is amazing how perfectly crispy the crust is after a thorough microwaving.

Damn I’m hungry.

French Onion Soup from Trader Joe’s

Back in the day, maybe 8 years ago or so, there were Top Shelf meals. They weren’t even frozen… you kept them at room temperature, which is unbelievably perfect for a dorm room. And the Fiesta Chicken variety was the bomb. I ate maybe 4 of those a week, and mourned them when they were no longer available.