Does anyone know the words to these songs?

OK, don’t laugh at me!!
“Where is Love” from Oliver and
“What is a Youth” from Romeo and Juliet
(The one with Leonard Whiting, not
Leo de Goofio)

I find myself singing these 2 songs to my baby, as I think they are both beautiful.
Unfortunately, I don’t know all of the words to either, and sing a lot of la da daas and hmm hmms. I know the tot doesn’t mind, (she goes right to sleep to Fish Heads by Barnes and Barnes; she is not picky!!) but I would like to know the words.

Or could someone point me in the direction of a web site that might have the info?

Thanks!! :smiley:

Holy Smokes, Smeggy…that took some serious searching! Here’s the Oliver one:

and I’m still working on the Romeo and Juliet one…

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Rent a copy of OLIVER TWIST. He sings the song pretty clearly on it.