Does anyone know they sold there soul

I’m hoping to find my way out of this shit anyone know how

Care to add a few details?

I sold a portion of mine (complete with receipt) to a buddy of mine in university for a pint of beer.

In my defense it was Moosehead.

I believe you have to know that you sold your soul in order for the transaction to be legal. The devil can’t just drop some change in your pocket and claim to own your soul, there must be a meeting of the minds, the you must still own your soul, you can’t have given it away or sold it previously, and payment must be made in full before the devil can take possession.

I took a bet of a fiddle of gold against mine once.

Never looked back

Try selling a short story about it to a sci-fi magazine.

I traded my sole for a Chilean sea bass once. Does that count?

Matter of faith, and, perhaps, not for this forum.

If you are a Christian, then you know that Christ’s mercy outweighs the devil’s wiles. Jews and Muslims have similar assurances.

The Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, and Nordic gods are a little more legalistic, and if you made a deal, you’re kind of stuck with it. On the other hand, you could do a lot worse than selling your soul to, say, Poseidon. He’ll deal fairly with you if you deal fairly with him.

Deists would say that, while you do have a soul, there is no way to sell it. Your fate will be as God intends.

Atheists have even less to worry about, not believe in the existence of “souls” at all.

Ultimately, relax. Worldly concerns are more pressing. Live a good life, do well by your family and friends, work hard at your job, and be nice to people, and the afterlife shall be nothing for you to fear.

Milhouse, there is no such thing as a soul. It’s just something parents made up to scare children, like the boogeyman or Michael Jackson.

Turn left - that’s what i did. Make sure you’re facing the right way.

No but try not to make a halibut of it.

Since this is not a factual question, it’s not suitable for this forum. However, the OP does not give sufficient background to determine which other forum might be appropriate. Therefore I’m closing it.

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