Does anyone know what this is?

I’ve only seen them made of plastic and bell shaped, but there are devices to stuff full of tubifex worms to feed fish in an aquarium.

Your grandfather was named Onan and owned this object AND had his very own cucumber garden? Sorry, I want to make sure I have my details straight.

You don’t think it’s a falsie, then?

Do you see a connection?
Male chastity belt?

Breaded guppies!

Yes, but it would be rude, and now I am thinking about mysteries left behind by my loved ones who are gone, so I’m going to quit while I’m ahead, and hope someone can offer you a serious response. I like the fish feeder idea, but that sort of gadget sounds awfully modern.

I wouldn’t think the advertisers would like that. I remember a great deal of trouble with the urban legend about the guy showing it in a Sears catalog.

It does look like it, but I wouldn’t think something like that would be made of metal.
Wouldn’t a rolled up sock suffice?

Would you buy underwear based on how well hung the model is?
Admittedly, the spouse might. :slight_smile:

Onan was struck dead by G-d for not having complete intercourse with his sister in law after his brother died. The concept was that the family should care for the widow, and marrying her would make the living brother more likely to have an interest in her well being.
Onan “spilled his seed upon the ground” and “trod in underfoot”.

My apologies for a King James translation rather than Tora. :slight_smile:

I think Cyn has it. The dingus looks very much like the chastity belt in the link.

I wouldn’t; but I suspect people buy all sorts of things based on how the model looks.

It does indeed resemble a prosthetic device, but why is it made of metal? Why the holes? Why would he keep it?

Tora was my Grandmothers name… She cooked beans for cowboys while they sat around a campfire at night.

You’re whoosing us, you son of a gun. :slight_smile:

Looks like gramps had a set of brass balls.


Well, according to another message board you’re on, you thought it was:

I think I’ll quietly close this and go sit in the corner now…