Does anyone know what this is?

I found this in a box of my late gradfathers stuff and was wondering if anyone knows what it is.

Looks like an old fashion penis cage to me. But I’m no expert.

Nose guard for an anteater.

“This episode of Antiques Roadshow contains mature themes; viewer discretion is advised.”

How old was your Grandfather, what did he do for a living, what were his hobbies and how large is the…artifact? :slight_smile:

Why did you name the image files onan2.jpg and onan5.jpg?

Is there a matching pepper shaker in the shape of a vagina?

My grandfather was an underwear model for old peoples clothes catalogs and as for hobbies he bread guppies and had a garden full of cucumbers. The artifact is about the size of a soft ball.

My grandfathers name was Onan.

Well, don’t that beat all.


Why is that?


Here’s a guess: If grandpa was an underwear model, perhaps the thing is a ‘falsie’ for ‘filling out’ the product. Looks bloody uncomfortable, though.


Frickin’, then.

are you british?


I have a friend that lives in London… Jacqueline Mannering