Info on "Does anyone know what this is?" thread

In this thread, we are asked to identify a device, with the help of this photo presumably taken by the OP. Which looks absolutely identical to this photo, from this page, possibly NSFW: titled “The Diary of a Man Without Porn” which comes up on the 5th page of Google images of male chastity belt (NSFW) as “Male chastity belt.” All of which leads me to form the humble opinion that said OP was lying in order to make fools of us.

From the linked thread:

So you’re saying she wasn’t being truthful? That* is* a mystery that needed solving.

I was right! I was right! I told my boyfriend we had a troll! I posted in that thread and nothing Emma said rang with truth. Breaded guppies indeed.

Emma appears to be a teenaged high school student with entirely too much time on her hands. I base this on her user profile, plus a quick Google search of her user name. (I had no idea there were that many message boards out there. Seriously.)

Holy balls that chick is on a lot a websites.

They’re delicious! But it takes a lot of 'em to really fill you up.

And did you help us out?
You did not. You let me blather on about guppies and tubifex worms.

I like the part where someone asks why she named the files “onan” and she said her grandfather’s name was Onan.

I saw this posted on another site today and immediately thought of this thread:
EDIT: the picture is pretty work-safe (it’s a screenshot of a facebook status update)

Was the thread locked because I said I thought it might be a tea infuser on another forum? On this one other forum I said it kinda looked like a little watering can and on this other forum I said it might be one of those East Indian incense burners.

No, it’s because the photo is apparently elsewhere on the web in an entirely different context than “what is this?” (meaning it isn’t something you just found among your Grandfather’s possessions and took a picture of) and because your answers (Grandfather’s occupation and hobbies) are obviously tongue in cheek. It defies credulity that you could so inventively go out of your way to see it as anything other than penis related while all of your personal details about your Grandfather are sexual references.

Edit: in other words, you’re messing with us.

So somebody explain the Guppy reference. :confused:

My grandpa Onan was a guppy breeder. Although he just supplied the fish tanks and water while the guppys did all the breeding.

Just stop it. You’re not funny.

Guppies are the aquatic equivalent of rabbits, breeding-wise. That’s the only thing I can think of, anyway.

I thought it was gonna be a hamster thing.

…and that’s bad? (messing with people byway of tongue and cheek)

Lying to people just to get them going is frowned upon, yes.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Joking about guppies being delicious isn’t funny at all!

It’s a lot funnier that lying to people to get a reaction or feed your own need for attention.