Does anyone like or understand the new web site?

Sweet merciful crap, that’s horrible. I’ll know not to bother going to that site.

I use the New York Times for news. I like words and minimal pictures. I especially hate video and will only watch videos if the content requires it. Watching a taking head take three minutes to tell me something I could read in twenty seconds…nope, don’t wanna.

I wonder if you would like the fairly plain website. I’ve used it for years, though now I wonder how soon it will change to look like a tablet friendly tile screen, too. Me no likey.

I was going to post a thread about this, but didn’t think it would get any interest. Glad someone else thought better!

I find that Yahoo News rarely updates the stories in the individual sections. I often see four or five headlines that are a month old in each category.

Hmm. I’ll play with msn and see… thanks.

I don’t remember the old NBC news website (don’t think I’ve ever visited it), but you guys are right about this new one, and I love big pictures. The whole design is a goddamned visual mess with way too many things competing for my attention, bizarre random blobs of white space (although, now that I think about it, I bet those are ads that my adblocker is doing its job on), and no real organization that I can discern to story placement or, for that matter, the placement of any information. My brain just short-circuits looking at that page trying to figure where to look and what to read.

It’s pretty clear that they have also completely fucked up the NBC Olympic website. What a pain.

I deleted nbc news off my iphone. CBS news is better, more words less flash. USA today pretty good for headlines, although I hate the print version. Best is NY Times.

My nbcnews app sure doesn’t talk to it very well. When I get alerts for a particular story, and click on them, I just wind up on a page with a bunch of random articles, none of which are the one I was trying to get to.

It’s now completely worthless. I’ve used it for 6 or 8 years and now I’m trying out

I wonder if anyone likes it? I wonder if they lose enough people will they switch back?

I just noticed that Yahoo Tech does the same thing, yet oddly I like the Yahoo Tech page, probably because all of the stories are about one subject. None of the other Yahoo pages seem to be like this, as far as I can tell.

I tried going to on my Android device this weekend, and it wouldn’t load. Just tried it again, and it wouldn’t load.

So it was re-designed with mobile devices in mind, but it doesn’t load on my mobile device? Worthless.

I feel like if my screen were about 42" and running at a correspondingly high resolution it would look better. Pictures are good in the article, but not plastered all over the front page.

That’s two of us.

Me too. I like being able to read a whole page of headlines to decide what I want to read. CNN is now my go-to page for a quick news fix.

Count me in with the rest of the haters. Blech!`

Here’s one more who had for a long time used the Old-msnbc site and had migrated to nbcnews and now am ticked off at the new design for both networks. Jeez what a mess. Gaaah… Even the “Menu” dropdown is of little help, whole sections such as travel are hidden, the ones that are in the menu just get you sent to a page that’s just as tile-y as the front page, only with those stories tagged as per your choice.

Did the MSM do a study that told them their core online audience was going to be “phablet” users? 'cause it sure does seem they’re being catered to a lot lately.

CNN sucks because they’ve moved to “cute” “jokey” headlines.
“They told this athlete WHAT???” That doesn’t tell me anything about whether I’m interested in the story. So I assume that I’m not…if it was real news, I’ll see it somewhere else.

There’s a petition to have the ‘content-rich, word-navigated’ site reinstated.

I don’t know if it will do any good, but I may sign it when I get home.

Ugh. Slate totally fucked up their site design this past fall, too. They also went with a single tablet tiles design for mobile or desktop. Wanna know the best part? It doesn’t even work properly on smartphones! :smack: I haven’t seen a single positive opinion of the redesign, and that’s including in the thousands-long comments on their Facebook post and Slate post introducing the new look.

I really don’t understand this trend. I can’t fucking STAND this kind of site design, and keep in mind that 98% of all my internetty stuff is done on my smartphone or a tablet!