Does anyone *like* yellow flavored Starburts or Skittles?

I think we can universally agree that pink flavored Starbursts and red flavored Skittles are the best of those candies, while yellow Starbursts and yellow/green Skittles are the worst. And yet, the worst flavors always tend to be over-represented in the bags! I mean, come on! It’s like they are just asking us to throw away a quarter of the candy.

So two pronged question here:

Does anyone like yellow/green flavored Starburst/Skittles?

And why do they continue to put so many of those flavors into the mix when they aren’t, I imagine, well-liked?

Sorry, but you’ve got it near backwards. Zero excuse for pink Starburst existing. Always a toss-up between eating and tossing then. Yellow is only slightly below the unquestionably superior red and orange.
Re: Skittles, they are meant to be eaten by the handful, so no individual assessment is possible.
Now if you want to talk about the best tasting M&M…

Yellow are the second best Starburst after Pink. Red is the worst followed by orange.

I will trade your yellow Starbursts for any of the other colors. Give’em here!

I like all the Skittles flavors, but the best combo is Red and Purple together.

Yellow are great.

In the old original Skittles mix, I did feel that they were over-represented mostly because they had three citrus flavors (orange, yellow and green.) in the new original Skittles mix, the green are now apple-flavored and I dislike them so much that I have literally stopped buying Skittles. (Yes, I could pick them out, but there are other candies that I don’t have to do that with.)

I second the motion to pair up your Skittles, and yellow paired with green is the only way to stomach the new original green ones.

As for Starburst: Snarky Kong has it right. Pink, yellow, orange, red.

Yellow are the best Starburst. All Skittles are equally awesome. Green M&Ms are the best.

Yellow starburst are the best followed by orange, red and pink. Skittles are all vile.

Pink is the best. Yellow is tied for second best with orange and red.

:: secretly replaces Cardboard’s box of Skittles with Lemonheads ::

Yellow Starbursts are fine, they’re not my favorite (pink with orange just a hair behind), but I still like yellow. They used to be my least favorite, but that was when I was a kid and yellow was my least favorite color and I think that tainted anything yellow.

If you want to hate on yellow candy, hate on some of those nasty banana ones, like the bananas in runts or yellow Now and Laters. Both of those are borderline better off just being thrown out. And I like bananas just fine too, those things just DO NOT taste like banana. Even if you hate yellow Star burst, at least they taste similar to lemon, and I like lemons (I’ll eat them straight up), but I can understand why people who don’t like lemons might not like them.

As for Skittles, the sweetness overwhelms the flavor to a certain extent, and unlike Starbursts, which I typically eat one at a time, I usually have multiple Skittles at a times, so the flavors get mixed anyway. Admittedly, I have certain combinations I like, but the lemon works well in all of them. No complaints from me.

Wow, surprised by the opinions here. I agree with the OP on Starbursts, in my opinion the yellow are inedible and go straight to the trash.

We are planning for our daughter’s 1st b-day party and one of the things my wife is doing is the candy bar for the kids. Since it is a duck theme, all the candy is yellow. Including a container of yellow Starbursts. I was incredulous that she thought this was a good idea as my opinion was that EVERYONE hates yellow Starbursts as much as I do.

I now must go apologize to Mrs. MeanJoe. Thanks a lot you yellow Starburst lovin’ jagoffs! :wink:

I like 'em all, for both kinds of candy. No preference.

The yellow of both are my favorites. I always save them for last because they are the best.

That abomination they replaced the green Skittles with is horrible. Give me back my lime flavor!!

blatantly stolen: “Waste the Rainbow…!”
"Thor- “My rainbow bridge! Shattered! All so you can have sour-lemon flavor? I had a girl friend down there… and EZ Pass!”
“For the bridge or for the girl?”

Let’s see… Yellow are the ones that taste like sugar, right?

Yellow my least favorite Starburst but it’s still good.

Red is my least favorite Skittle (in the “original” flavors), yellow is second “worst” but still good. Green apple is fine, but it’s no lime.

I still miss the light brown ones :frowning:

Fun fact: Froot Loops are all the same flavor, and any difference is in your head.

Yellow is a flavor? :confused:

I like them all pretty much the same.

I generally like lemon flavored candy. IIRC one of the Starburst flavors does tend to have a slightly different, less-chewy consistency than the others, and I think it’s the yellow ones, so I can see how that might put some people off.

I’m another who likes the yellow/lemon starburst the best! Probably the pink are my next favorite, and then orange and darker red are pretty close–and still good.

Yes, they’re my favorites. If you don’t want yours can I have them? You can have my reds, pinks, and oranges.