Skittles flavors

So, as a fan of the “purple” (or grape?) Skittles, I’ve always been convinced that, proportionally, there are less purple Skittles than each of the yellow, green, orange, and red. Since I was a child, I’ve always felt jipped out of getting the purple ones.

Now that I’m older, and hardly ever eat candy like Skittles, was wondering if there was any truth to this (I’m sure there’s not, but you never know). The reason it came up is because someone claimed the same thing I did, only their favorite Skittle is red, which I have to admit, there are probably fewer of those than the yellow or green. Is this just a mental thing?

Orange! There’s hardly any orange ones! Damn them!

Put more orange ones in. You can have all of my purples.

I’m craving Skittles now. My favorite is red, and I think there are fewer reds than any other color. :smiley:

I seem to recall reading that al Skittles are the same flavor regardless of color.

Well, that’s not true. Get a bag and see for yourself.

Why not buy 5 bags and count them?

You can fight ignorance.

Mmmmmmmm, tasty ignorance.

Well, I’d probably want 30 bags for a proper sample size… aaaaand, I don’t drive, so don’t know when the next time I’ll see the inside of a convenience/grocery store. If only my office had a vending machine (wonders what people would think if they saw my hording that many skittles out of a machine).

I like purple and red Skittles best too, and I think most bags are yellow and green…my least favorite.

Also…Please put more Strawberry/Pink Starbursts in each pack.

I do not care for the Lemon Pledge flavor that comprises the majority of each Starburst package.

Yes, yes, yes, there need to be more Red/Pink starburst as well. Yellow/Green flavors dominate these candies, and it makes me sick!

All skittles are yummy! :slight_smile:

I would think there are less purple as well. My favorite are the red. I do eat them all though.

There have been way too many purple skittles in every bag I’ve ever opened (meaning there was at least one) so your theory is categorically wrong, sir.

And red needs to be changed. Cherry is inherently superior to strawberry. It’s a scientific fact and there is no sense in arguing it.

If I recall correctly, this depends on whether you define your population as Skittles or as bags of Skittles. If it’s the former, you just need a bag containing more than 30 Skittles; if it’s the latter, you need at least 30 bags.

Alas, unlike the M&M website, the Skittles website doesn’t appear to give information on color proportions. I’ve e-mailed them and I’ll let you know when/if they reply.

Colours you say? Different flavours?

So I SHOULDN’T be opening the bag and pouring half in my mouth at a time?

But alas, has no-one considered the Sour Skittles?

I eat the orange, purple, and red skittles, in that order. I either give away or throw away the yellow and green.


Well, I finally heard back from Mars regarding the proportion of each color in a bag of Skittles. The reply seemed like an automated response, but did contain this relevant bit:

No. They are an abomination.

:frowning: Those poor, tiny abominations…

You people are missing the point. There aren’t enough orange ones! There’s never enough orange! Every bag I’ve had has been chock full of the hated green and purple, with one or two orange ones thrown in to tease me.

We really should set up an exchange - I’ll send you my purples if you send me your oranges. I’ll take the orange and yellow starburst too, and send along my red and pink ones. Honestly, this could work out.

I think we need to settle this once and for all…